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Digidesign Offers Special Deal on SampleTank 2 XL

Now through December 20, 2003, registered owners of SampleCell products can visit to purchase IK Multimedia’s plug-in for Pro Tools, SampleTank 2 XL, for $349

Now through December 20, 2003, registered owners of SampleCellproducts can visit to purchase IKMultimedia’s plug-in for Pro Tools, SampleTank 2 XL, for $349(regularly $499).

SampleTank 2 XL offers 1,500 new sounds and nearly 5 gigabytes ofmaterial on eight discs. It includes a wide range of sounds frompianos, guitars, basses, drums and percussion to full orchestral,acoustic, ethnic, brass, synths and more. In addition, SampleTank 2 XLoffers a host of features that were not previously available inSampleCell.

Features include sample playback and two additional engines forpitch shift, time stretch and a formant-preserving Stretch mode; chordscan be played with single phrases at any tempo and the ability to alterthe melody line in real time with a keyboard; 32 built-in DSP effectsincluding components from IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube and T-RackS;built-in Loop Sync function that takes loops with different bpms andsynchs them all to the Pro Tools sequencer tempo; support for Windows,Mac OS 9/X and native RTAS; and users can import SampleCell Banks andInstruments, Akai, .AIFF, .WAV and SDII to manipulate sounds throughSampleTank 2 XL’s toolbox of DSP and sample technology.

Visit for a presentation of SampleTank2 XL along with MP3 examples and screenshots. For more information,visit Digidesign’s Website at