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Electro-Voice Plasma-Powered Loudspeaker

The new Plasma-powered loudspeaker comprises the 15-inch, two-way powered 80-degree by 55-degree Plasma P1 and single 18-inch powered subwoofer designed

The new Plasma-powered loudspeaker comprises the 15-inch, two-waypowered 80-degree by 55-degree Plasma P1 and single 18-inch poweredsubwoofer designed for theater, A/V and pro sound reinforcementapplications.

The Plasma P1 integrates the company’s transducers withhigh-power Class-H amplification and signal processing to provide sonicdetail, SPL and ease of use. An EVX155 and the ND6 compression driverwith a 3-inch diaphragm and 1 1/4-inch exit provide extendedhigh-frequency response with very low distortion. A Class-H 2-channelamplifier requires no fans for quiet operation, low maintenance andlong-term reliability.

L-track is embedded into the Plasma P1 to provide conveniencemulti-axis suspension and attachment points for the optional“PLASMA Strong-Arm” suspension. The compact, multi-angleenclosure can be used in monitor position (in left and rightconfigurations) or arrayed.

The Plasma P1 is acoustically designed for uniform coverage in bothhorizontal and vertical planes. Features include 550-watt plus 150Wdynamic output power; high sensitivity, 132dB maximum SPL; linearresponse; fail-safe operation with voice coil tracking technology; andswitchable highpass filter for use with P2 sub.

The Plasma P2 is a new generation of high-power compact subwoofers.This Class-H, 2-channel amplifier does not require fans and is coupledwith signal processing for linear acoustic response and unobtrusiveprotection. The patented LPN (Low-Pass-Notch) filter compensates fortransient distortion of dynamic signals and allows the Plasma P2 toachieve a higher acoustic output.

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