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Firmware Update for RME ADI-648 Released

A free firmware update is now available for RME's MIDI/ADAT converter, the ADI-648.

A free firmware update is now available for RME’s MIDI/ADATconverter, the ADI-648.

The new firmware Version 1.5 adds these features:
SteadyClock is a new clock technology, which will be used in allupcoming products. Previously, the clock section consisted of an analogPLL for external synchronization and several quartz oscillators forinternal synchronization. SteadyClock requires only one quartz, using afrequency not equaling digital audio. Latest circuit designs includehigh-speed digital synthesizer, digital PLL, 200MHz sample rate andanalog filtering. SteadyClock offers a highly efficient jitterreduction. For example, an input jitter of 50 ns will be reduced to 3ns. Additionally, when the external clock source (ADI-648: wordclock,MADI or ADAT) fails, the last valid frequency is held and operationcontinues. In addition, SteadyClock locks directly within a range of 25kHz up to 192 kHz (ADI-648 up to 100 kHz).

Firmware version 1.5 now allows accessing the device directly,performing all settings available on the front panel via MIDI. A statusrequest of the current settings can also be done. Windows software canbe downloaded for free from the RME Website, giving complete access tothe ADI-648 with a simple mouse click via any MIDI port present in thesystem. MIDI additionally allows for an indication of the incoming MADIstatus (56/64-channel mode, 48/96kHz frame). Also included is thecombination with the upcoming HDSP MADI card (PCI card), which allowscontrol of the ADI-648 via MADI directly from the computer.

An additional Mute function has been added to the routing matrix ofthe ADI-648. With this, the 8-channel-based outputs of the matrix canbe connected to any MADI or ADAT 8-channel input group, as well asbeing muted per group.

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