Genex Accessories for GX Series

Genex Audio will be spotlighting new accessories for the GX Series Multiformat Digital Multitrack Recorders. The additions are designed to enhance the
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Genex Audio will be spotlighting new accessories for the GX SeriesMultiformat Digital Multitrack Recorders. The additions are designed toenhance the operational flexibility of GX9000 8-Track and GX904848-track high-resolution Digital Recording Systems, which provide192/24 PCM performance, in addition to Direct Stream Digital (DSD).

Standout features of the GX9000 Series include: instant-access DSDrecorders capable of seamless punch-in and –out; capable ofsingle-wire 192kHz PCM recording; and processing up to 48 channels ofDSD data. GXR948 Remote Controller for the GX9000 and GX9048 (shown)enables individual direct control of up to 48 channels of record-armingand monitoring without bank switching. The large, ergonomicallydesigned control surface features dedicated buttons for each function,plus dedicated displays for critical parameters, including sample rateand input source. The unit outputs industry-standard P2 controlprotocol with full GoTo, Memory, Cycle and related functions, and issimilar in layout to the Sony PCM-3348 Digital Multitrack remote.

GXPC Edit is a plug-in waveform editor for Genex’s GXR PCcontrol software that allows cut, copy, paste and erase operations onup to 48 channels of audio data. The GUI-based application features anintuitive, user-friendly interface that allows single element or blockmoves between tracks. Connection to the GX9000 or GX9048 is via aUSB2.0 port. The program is currently Windows XP-compatible; aMacintosh OS X version is under development.

GXRMB Meter Bridge provides up to 48 channels of 24-segment levelmetering, organized as two rows of 24 channels. The 19-inch 4U chassisfeatures a brushed, anodized construction, and can be freestanding,rackmounted or mounted onto a GXR948 Remote Controller. Featuresinclude integral timecode display, recorder status and signal-presentLEDs. Meter dynamics, fine-scale calibration and over-sensitivity canbe controlled remotely from the GXR PC software or the GXR948 remote. Asingle BNC cable connects to the GX9000 or GX9048, passing control andPPM data. The unit includes a 110-240V universal power supply.

The GX9000 is an 8-track master recorder capable of 8/24/192kHz PCMand/or eight channels of DSD recording/playback. Pro user prices startfrom just $4,050. The modular GX9048 provides up to 48 tracks of24/192kHz PCM recording or 48 channels of DSD from a single hard drive.A choice of file formats in both PCM and DSD modes facilitates instantinterchange with all popular workstations, while a built-in sample-rateconverter operates at rates up to and including 192 kHz, as well asconversion from PCM to DSD and back. Pro user price of a 48-tracksystem with analog I/O is from $19,000; a 24-track version sells for$10,750.

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