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JBL Pro Intros AE Series Speaker Systems

At the recent NSCA Convention in Denver, JBL Professional (Northridge, Calif.) introduced the extensive Application Engineered (AE) Series line of installation

At the recent NSCA Convention in Denver, JBL Professional(Northridge, Calif.) introduced the extensive Application Engineered(AE) Series line of installation range loudspeakers. Among the 33models in the AE Series are five compact AC two-way systems, which areall now available.

Developed during the past two years, the new Application EngineeredSeries loudspeakers incorporate the latest in loudspeaker technology.The wide selection of AE models in several formats and power rangesallow installation professionals more latitude to create venue-specificsound systems with predictable results, consistent appearance and soundquality. The AE Series loudspeakers are ideal for a wide range ofapplications including performing arts centers, sports facilities,houses of worship, theatrical sound design, auditoriums, live clubs andthemed entertainment venues.

The AC segment of the AE Series provides lower-powered, compact,two-way speaker systems. The AC2215 models are compact 15-inch, two-wayloudspeakers that are bi-amp/passive switchable. Available in threecoverage patterns: 90°x50°; 60°x40°; and100°x100°. Three AC2212 models are compact 12-inch, two-wayloudspeakers with the ability to be switched between bi-amp and passivemodes. The AC2212 speakers are also available with the same coveragepatterns as the AC2215 models.These new models incorporate JBL’s new PTSeries Progressive Transition Waveguides, the latest in horntechnology. PT waveguides provide smooth, low-distortion sound anduniform off-axis frequency response to the entire intended coveragearea. Speakon and CE-approved barrier strips are also available on allmodels. In addition, U-brackets are provided for these models. For longlife and structural integrity, all AE models are covered with JBL’sexclusive DuraFlex finish.

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