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Langsbard Bats 1000 with Genelec

Brian Langsbard recently completed the music for the four-part series Rushmore.

Natick, MA (July 28, 2015)—Brian Langsbard recently completed the music for a four-part series titled Rushmore, slated to air in 2016, that was written, produced and mixed through his Genelec 8260A Smart Active Monitors.

Langsbard has been deeply involved with baseball for 15 years, since the Emmy Award-nominated composer scored his first opening theme for an MLB broadcast. He has provided the musical voice for a wide range of visual content, from the bone-chilling underscore for the murderous women of Snapped on the Oxygen network to the backdrop to an animated Batman series to serious documentaries.

But baseball has been a continuous theme for him, and for the last four years, the themes for which companies like MLB Productions have come to Langsbard for have been created using Genelec monitors. That includes Rushmore, which was narrated by Martin Sheen and profiles the lives and careers of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ted Williams and Hank Aaron, which Langsbard produced in the studio in his Laurel Canyon home.

“What I like about composing for baseball and for sports in general is that they want the music to be big and up front, but they want a lot of detail in there, too,” he says. “That’s what I’m always looking for, and the Genelecs always let me find it.”

Langsbard (studio pictured) chose his 8260As in 2011, when dealer Westlake Pro brought them and another set of monitors over for him to compare. One listen, says Langsbard, and there was no comparison. “The clarity was extraordinary,” he says. “They’re a real pleasure to listen to, but just as importantly, they’re really a tool for my work. They let me zero in on particular frequencies and other details that make a huge difference in the end. These are speakers that really, really make a difference.”