Middle Atlantic 30-Amp MPR Series

Middle Atlantic Products introduced its 30-Amp MPR Series Stand-Alone Power Modules

Middle Atlantic Products introduced its 30-Amp MPR SeriesStand-Alone Power Modules that feature professional-grade constructionand a redundant relay and arc suppression for increased reliability.The 30-Amp MPR Series is designed for applications that require a30-amp power supply or 20 amps of current where greater reliability ofswitching is needed.

The new power modules feature integral arc suppression for prolongedcontact life and dual 30-amp relays for dependability. Local control ofthe 30-Amp MPR Series features on, off and automatic settings, and canbe controlled both locally or remotely by using a controller sending12-volt DC or contact closure outputs, such as Middle Atlantic’sUSC-6R universal sequencing controller.

UL-listed in the United States and Canada, the 30-Amp MPR Seriesmodules incorporate soft-start functionality, thereby preventing highin-rush current. The RLM30-L530-1 accepts NEMA L-530 30-amp twist lockplugs, while the RLM30-L520-1 accepts NEMA L-520 20-amp twist lockplugs, providing multiple terminations. Both are available in a durableblack power coat, and can be mounted to rack-rail brackets, verticallacer bars or on any surface. Cable management advances include1/2-inch and 3/4-inch knockouts located on the modules’ sides andbottom for wiring to a power source.

For more information, visit NSCA booth #1405 or online at www.middleatlantic.com/power/mods30.htm. For morenew sound reinforcement products, visit mixonline.com/live_sound_products/index.htm.