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New Generation of Klark Teknik EQ-DN370 Hits the Shelves

Klark Teknik chose the recent Frankfurt MusikMesse 2004 as the international launch forum for the next generation of analog graphic EQ.

Klark Teknik chose the recent Frankfurt MusikMesse 2004 as theinternational launch forum for the next generation of analog graphicEQ. Twenty years since the launch of the formidable DN360, the industrystandard graphic EQ even today, Klark Teknik is delighted to unveil thebrand new DN370.

DN370 is, “an analog graphic EQ for the 21st Century, according toKlark Teknik.” Sales and marketing director David Cooper says,“Even with the ongoing success of units like the Helix digital EQsystem, it’s clear that analog audio still provides the preferredsolution in a very large percentage of applications. The instant accessprovided by a traditional user interface as found on the new DN370 isstill the choice of many engineers and installers, and our job as adesign and manufacturing house is to analyze and address the demands ofthe market.”

Klark Teknik stresses that the new unit is not a replacement forDN360.  As Cooper points out, “DN360 is the absoluteindustry standard and we fully expect it to continue for theforeseeable future. The aim with DN370 is two-fold: firstly, simply toenhance and modernize the existing range of Klark Teknik equalizers,and secondly to provide a unit that attracts customers who do notcurrently choose Klark Teknik graphics. We have always been known asthe EQ company, and our range now offers every possible combination ofEQ in both analog and digital formats and at several pricepoints.”

The list of features and enhancements is impressive: 45mm faders(with protective dust covers) that offer precise control of an entirelynew configuration of the “proportional Q” filter type for which KlarkTeknik graphics are world famous. Aimed particularly at monitoringapplications, each channel also offers two swept and overlapping 18dBnotch filters with illuminated combined frequency and in/out rotarycontrols. Even greater control is provided by swept 12dB peroctave high and lowpass filters on each channel, allowing the frequencyresponse of a given channel to be precisely tailored to its use.

Housed in a sturdy 3RU steel chassis, all inputs and outputs areelectronically balanced (with transformers as a factory option) withpin 2 hot throughout. Phoenix connectors are fitted to the rear panelas standard, and like all Klark Teknik products, the DN370 carries athree-year international factory warranty.

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