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NSCA: L-Acoustics 115XT HiQ

The 115XT HiQ loudspeaker enclosure is geared for the monitor engineer who works in high-SPL applications.

The 115XT HiQ loudspeaker enclosure is geared for the monitorengineer who works in high-SPL applications. Combining the coaxialtechnology with the pattern control of conical waveguide loading, the115XT HiQ is also suitable for use in distributed sound reinforcementapplications due to its flexible format and advanced riggingaccessories.

Advantages of coaxial technology include single-point sourceradiation and total wavefront coherency at all frequencies. The coaxialdesign also provides LF/HF superimposed dispersion characteristics thatare free of polar lobing effects typical of traditional horn and woofercombinations. The end result is natural, studio monitor-level soundquality.

The 115XT HiQ combines extremely high-SPL output capability withclarity, fidelity and pattern control. The optimum combination of theweatherproof 15-inch loudspeaker (bass reflex-loaded, 3-inch voicecoil) and the 1.4-inch neodymium compression driver in a coaxialassembly results in exceptional power response stability with highimmunity to feedback. Conical waveguide loading focusesmid/high-frequency energy over a 45-degree axis-symmetrical pattern,while at the same time, loading the 15-inch loudspeaker for improvedupper mid-bass efficiency.

The ultracompact format and low profile of the 115XT HiQ allows foroptimum sightlines in confined locations. With the flexibility ofdual-angle configurations, the 115XT HiQ can be used for either short-or long-throw monitoring. When used with the company’s SB118 (orother subwoofers), the 115XT HiQ provides a high-performance side-fillor drum monitoring solution.

Pole-mount sockets are included as standard, and optional riggingaccessories include an adjustable U-bracket and a vertical couplingadapter.

OEM factory presets are available for approved digital processors(BSS FDS-366 and Soundweb, XTA DP224 and DP226, and Lake Contour),providing flexible solutions for a wide variety of two- and three-wayoperating modes.

Long-term power ratings at 8 ohms are 375W RMS (1,500W peak) on thelow-frequency driver and 75W RMS (300W peak) on the high-frequencydriver. Frequency response is 65-18k Hz (±3 dB) with a maximumcontinuous SPL of 132 dB (138 dB peak).

Ruggedly constructed of durable Baltic Birch plywood withMaroon-gray finish for high-performance touring fixed installation, thecabinet sports a black epoxy perforated steel grille with anacoustically transparent, technically advanced grille cloth.Connections are made via a pair of Neutrik Speakons. Weighing 65pounds, the enclosure measures 14.4×22.8×17.6 (HxWxD) inches.

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