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Patent Awarded to Shure for KSM141

Shure Incorporated announced that its KSM141 studio mic has been awarded U.S. Design Patent No. Des. 478,068.

Shure Incorporated announced that its KSM141 studio mic has beenawarded U.S. Design Patent No. Des. 478,068. Entitled “Microphone(KSM141),” the patent was granted on August 5, 2003, and will be inforce until 14 years from its date of issue.

“As vital components within the Shure catalog of intellectualproperty, patents contribute greatly to our competitive marketposition,” said Rick Frank, Shure’s category director of performancemicrophones. “With the issuance of the KSM141 patent, kudos should goto our KSM141 design team, which once again has done its best todemonstrate technological leadership.”

The KSM141 offers users a selection of either cardioid oromnidirectional polar patterns with the simple turn of a rotatingmechanical switch. Other features found on the mic include Shure’sClass-A transformerless preamp circuitry; an ultrathin, highlysensitive diaphragm; and a switchable three-position low-frequencyfilter that limits unwanted background noise and proximity effect.Operable between 20 and 20,000 Hz, the microphone offers a switchablepad (15 or 25 dB) for managing extremely high SPL sources such aselectric guitar cabinets and snare drums.

A single-pattern (cardioid) version of the KSM141, Shure’s KSM137,was also granted a patent recently (No. Des. 479,837). Like itsdual-pattern counterpart, the KSM137 sports a champagne finish andcomes with accessories including a break-resistant mic clip, carryingcase and Popper Stopper™ pop filter.

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