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Ryan Greene Has a New Crush


Ryan Greene moved to sunny Scottsdale, Ariz., to open a new production company and recording studio equipped with an SSL 9000 J.

Producer/engineer Ryan Greene, known for producing punk and rock bands such as NOFX, Dishwalla, Lagwagon, No Use for a Name, Nerf Herder and The Dickies, among others, has relocated to Scottsdale, Ariz., and opened Crush Recording, a tracking and mixing facility armed with an SSL 9000 J Series console.

Greene, a former co-owner of Motor Studios in San Francisco, launched the 1,700-square-foot facility in August 2005 with partner Steve Smith (president of Radio Ratings Inc.); together, they operate a production company and plan to “branch out in other directions” early next year.

To build Crush, Greene called up a few friends, many of whom play in bands that he’s recorded, including Simplfy, Signal 2 Noise and Steve Conley, among others. They completed construction and wiring in 30 days. “We hung 500 sheets of drywall in about eight days,” says Greene. “My friend was framing while we were drywalling. By the third week, everything was painted, we had electricity and A/C finished, and by the end of the fourth week, we dropped the SSL in.”

In addition to the SSL console, the 20×23 control room offers a Pro Tools|HD rig (48 out), mic pre’s from Neve and Avalon, and assorted other outboard gear, while in the 16×18 live room, clients can choose from Diezel, Bogner and Marshall amps, as well as 18 guitars, including everything from Tom Andersons to Les Pauls to Fender Strats. “People can walk in with nothing and because of the gear the studio has, they can walk out with a major label — quality record for a quarter of the cost. The amps that bands like Nickelback and Disturbed use, we have those sitting at the studio. And when you book the studio, you get everything: amps, cabinets drums. We’ve got it all.”

Greene recently wrapped up F5’s latest album (the band features Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson) and new projects for Simplfy and Authority Zero; he also mixed the forthcoming release from Tooth & Nail act Stretch Armstrong.