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Sennheiser Set 810 Personal TV Listening System

At booth 2315, NSCA visitors can check out Sennheiser’s Set 810 Personal TV Listening System

At booth 2315, NSCA visitors can check out Sennheiser’s Set810 Personal TV Listening System, a personal-assistive listeningenvironment for people who want to listen to the television or to musicwirelessly, as well as for seniors and the hard of hearing.

The easy-to-install, easy-to-use system comprises an infraredtransmitter, switchable between stereo and mono operation, and awireless stethoset listening device with a large, easy-to-use volumecontrol for level adjustments. The Set 810’s ergonomic,adjustable ear bows ensure a perfect fit, while the stethoset’scompression drivers attenuate loud programming such as commercials, andboosts soft passages for a more even audio level and better speechintelligibility. The system automatically turns on and off, so there’sno dial to manipulate and users don’t have to remember to turn itoff.

In operation, the transmitter is connected to the audio outputsocket of any television or audio source; the system featuresswitchable stereo or mono operation for total integration with anysound source. The Set 810 additionally includes as standard aSennheiser MKE800-TV external microphone for use where an audio outputsocket is not available.

The transmitter incorporates a charging cradle and a separatecompartment for a spare battery, so two batteries can be chargedsimultaneously. The charging cradle includes a Quick-Charge feature sothat the receiver battery is ready for use in three hours.

Sennheiser’s Denise Lavoie, business manager of audiology, said,”During initial testing, users consistently tell us how much the Set810 Personal Listening System has improved their quality of life. Rightnow is the perfect time to install a system, as the winter months havea way of keeping people indoors watching more television. With 28million Americans experiencing some degree of hearing loss, everyoneknows someone—a family member or perhaps a neighbor—whocould benefit from this system.”

Note: Infrared systems are not designed for use with plasmatelevision screens.

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