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Sigma Electronics Adds to OctaStream Product Line

Sigma Electronics unveiled its DV5515 latency-control module, an enhancement for the OctaStream™ family of AES digital audio signal management products.

Sigma Electronics unveiled its DV5515 latency-control module, anenhancement for the OctaStream™ family of AES digital audiosignal management products.

The new DV5515 is a unique digital video-frame synchronizer thatintegrates with OctaStream modules via Sigma’s OctaBus™.This allows for timing information to be read and compared between upto eight delay modules to realign the timing of HD, SD and AES signals.The DV5515 incorporates memory sufficient to delay high-definitionvideo for up to 10x 25Hz frames (400ms) and in excess of 50 frames atstandard-definition rates. The DV5515 also allows the user toframe-synchronize and re-align video frame boundaries across differentsignal formats.

The OctaStream family also offers the DA5320 Mixer and Subframerouter that brings timing, mixing and synchronizing power to eightindividual audio channels from four AES input streams; the DA5315Variable Delay Compensator and DATC Comparator, which sets variabledelay up to 10 seconds for each of four independent AES signals overeight channels; the DA5325 Sample-Rate Converter that serves as theaudio equivalent of a video-frame synchronizer; and the SG5605 AES andDATC Reference Generator, which provides an AES tone/silence with eightaudible channel identifiers.

“Signal latencies have significantly increased with the adventof digital video and audio systems,” commented Nigel Spratling,president of Sigma Electronics. “Every time a signal iscompressed, processed or converted in the audio/video chain, a slice ofprocessing time is added to the program material. This ultimatelytranslates into loss of the timing relationships between signals,especially between different formats. The addition of the DV5515 to theOctaStream product family now delivers the power to eliminate theseproblems and keep the production stream flowing smoothly.”

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