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Sony Music Studios

460 West 54th Street New York, NY 10019 212/833-7480

Sony Music Studios
460 West 54th Street
New York, NY 10019

Tel.: 212/833-7480
Fax: 212/833-7760

Email: brian_mckenna

Sony Music Studios is a universe unto itself, leading the industryby combining state-of-the-art technologies with an extremely diverserange of services. The mastering department is one of the crown jewelsof the studio’s audio department and acts as a hub for the past,present and future of audio production and restoration.

“What’s unique about the studios is that we’ve blended anunprecedented array of technology under one roof,” observes AndyKadison, Senior Vice President of Sony Music Studios. “We’re like themillennium’s version of an old-time Hollywood studio. We can dovirtually every aspect of an entertainment project under one roof,ranging from audio recording, mixing, mastering, archive restorationand plant production, to television production and satellitebroadcasts, to audio and video post-production.

“Our mastering department is truly special because it offers us awindow into the past and a glimpse at the future of audio production,”he continues. “We have Edison cylinders here that go back a hundredyears, and we can access them and any other format easily. Themastering studios are our leading edge when it comes to technology.This is where we test the limits of our own imaginations, and translatethat vision to reality.”

Sony Music Studios’ mastering rooms are tailored to the specificrequirements of its elite corps of mastering engineers, including VladoMellor, Mark Wilder, Vic Anesini, James Cruz, Joe Palmaccio, DarcyProper and others. They are part of a near 50-room studio facility thatreflects the breadth and scope of New York’s multimedia universe, whileat the same time offering clients highly personalized service andtremendous technical and creative support.

“What sets Sony Music Studios apart is that we think and operate ina very nonlinear manner,” explains Brian McKenna, Senior Director ofAudio Operations and Marketing. “Each aspect of each project can beworked on simultaneously, if the client wants to, and each aspect getsthe same amount of attention and care. So, for instance, a producer cantake a piece of a project at any stage and send copies to get feedbackbefore it’s finished. That’s a huge creative edge that this facilitycan offer.”

The mastering department at Sony Music Studios has been acclaimedfor its remastering of valuable archived audio material, as well as forits work in furthering both the technology and market for multichannelaudio. And it has even been credited with keeping New York very much arock ‘n’ roll city, with recent Platinum mastering effortsfrom Mellor on records for Limp Bizkit, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Staind,Weezer, Rage Against the Machine and Macy Gray.

Each of the mastering engineers at Sony Music Studios is an expertin several genres of music, and each has his or her own specifictechnology tastes. Of course, all of the work done at the Studios isgiven a common link through close coordination by the company’sexecutive staff, as well as through David Smith, Vice President ofEngineering. The mastering department has also been an important partof the development of Sony’s acclaimed Direct Stream Digital (DSD)audio system, and the Super Audio CD (SACD) format. “Whether it’slinear PCM, DVD, DSD or any other format, this facility can handle it,”Smith says.

“The future is very much here already,” adds Kadison. “There simplyisn’t another facility in the world like Sony Music Studios…andthat’s okay with us!”

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