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Symetrix Intros AirTools Studio Matrix at NAB

Symetrix Inc. (Mountlake Terrace, Wash.) showed its latest system under the AirTools brand: the Studio Matrix. Built on the Symetrix SymNet Audio Matrix

Symetrix Inc. (Mountlake Terrace, Wash.) showed its latest systemunder the AirTools brand: the Studio Matrix. Built on the SymetrixSymNet Audio Matrix technology, this system provides a scalable,modular, redundant solution for audio routing and processing needs ofsmall to medium-sized radio and audio-for-video productionfacilities.

Systems can be configured by networking up to 15 redundant pairs ofspecialized, 1U DSP-driven devices into a matrix, allowing hundreds ofinput and output signals to be brought into the systems and routed viamixers, selectors and/or crosspoint matrix/mixers up to 32×32 (stereo).Users can also route between any two (or more) points in thesystem.

Each network device contains two SHARC processors to handle audiosignals including dynamics, equalization, filtering, mixing, switching,routing and logical control. Local access and control is offered from avariety of sources including Ethernet control, RS-232/485, or analogpots and closures.

Signals originating from outside of the central network location canbe brought into the system through a 4×4 interface known as Homer(model 7000). This device converts signals between the analog anddigital domains and transmits them in and out of the network as AES/EBUaudio over Cat-5 cable. Homer also supports a microphone preamp withphantom power.

For information about AirTools, visit the new Symetrix Website at