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T-funk Comes Through for Series

Telefunken Elektroakustik has provided mics for "Shaking Through," a new online series that follows the birth of a new song from the artist and production perspectives.

South Windsor, CT (May 24, 2011)–Telefunken Elektroakustik has provided mics for Shaking Through, a new online series that follows the birth of a new song from the artist and production perspectives.

The Shaking Through series is co-produced by non-profit Weathervane Music in conjunction with National Public Radio station WXPN in Philadelphia. It shows the birth of a brand-new song in a high-end recording studio, told from both the artist’s perspective in the main feature video, and the production crew’s perspective in technical features.

“We were thrilled to have access to the entire line of Telefunken mics,” commented Brian McTear, producer and founder of Weathervane Music. “The mics are super high-end, amazing boutique microphones. Thanks to George Hajioannou of Studio Logic Sound, I was able to drive away with $40,000 dollars in quality mics, including a U47, an Ela M 251, and the ELA M 260!”

The Shaking Through episode with 10-piece Philadelphia band Hezekiah Jones features a wealth of multi-track resources, including individual raw tracks and mixing stems of the recording sessions for the song “Borrowed Heart.” The session files can be opened with GarageBand, Pro Tools, Logic, and other popular audio workstation programs.

“The two big ones were the Ela M 251 and the U47,” explained engineer, Jonathan Low. “The 251 was really big and full sounding, full range, and very realistic. The U47 is a little more out front, and not quite as big in the low end.”

“We chose which ones to use based on how it would sound on the person’s voice and what type of space that part was supposed to occupy within the song,” explained McTear. “For instance, we had Raph sing into the U47 because we wanted him close up on that mic for an intimate delivery of the vocal. Given the big, rich voice he has, if we had used the 251, it would have been too big.”

Telefunken Elektroakustik