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TC Electronic Announces Upgrades and New Products

TC Electronic announces a new version of the highly-acclaimed Restoration Suite, a set of audio restoration tools for PowerCore and the debut of the Mastering

TC Electronic announces a new version of the highly-acclaimed Restoration Suite, a set of audio restoration tools for PowerCore and the debut of the Mastering 6000 to the System 6000 family of products.

Restoration Suite version 1.5 adds a new DeCrackle plug-in, as well as processing improvements to the three existing audio restoration tools: DeClick, DeNoise and DeScratch. Restoration Suite 1.5 will begin shipping in June, prices at $1,495. A free upgrade will be downloadable from the TC Website for existing Restoration Suite users.

Like DeScratch, the DeCrackle algorithm was developed by Noveltech in Finland. It is specifically designed to remove artifacts ranging from one to 20 samples long. As with all plug-ins in the suite, DeCrackle has an audition feature, which can be used to playback only the noise that has been removed from the signal.

The DeNoise plug-in has been updated with an Auto mode that makes it possible to remove noise from material where it is not possible to take a fingerprint, for instance if there are no parts with noise only. Fingerprints can now be adjusted independently for left and right channels. The DeScratch plug-in’s ‘high quality’ mode has been improved significantly with new interpolation algorithms and the DeClick plug-in features enhanced detection algorithms.

The PowerCore is the open platform DSP engine for professional signal processing for Mac and PC. Its serious processing power seamlessly integrates with any Audio Units, or VST-compatible host application. PowerCore includes 10 world-class quality TC plug-ins right out of the box. Optional plug-ins are available from TC and a growing number of respected third-party developers such as Access, Sony, Novation, TC-Helicon, Waldorf and D-Sound. PowerCore is available as a PCI card or external FireWire unit.

The Mastering 6000, a four-engine mastering processor based on the company’s award-winning multichannel processing platform, System 6000. Mastering 6000 is a custom set of precise timing and high-resolution digital signal processing tools designed specifically for mastering engineers producing high-quality audio for CD, DVD, SACD and film. Mastering 6000 has a license-based structure, which enables it to be augmented with optional processing tools. Mastering 6000 ($7,995) will be available in June.

New limiting and compression algorithms in Mastering 6000 include MD4, featuring a 5-band stereo and MS processor with linear phase split filter topology, an updated Brickwall Limiter that prevents listening fatigue and distortion using internal sample rates of up to 480 kHz (five-times the upsampling) and new custom A/D and D/A conversion filters. For multichannel productions, Mastering 6000 also includes 5.1 multiband compressor/expander, 5.1 limiter and 5.1/stereo monitor matrix.The Mastering 6000 hardware features extraordinary jitter rejection, the ability to handle analog inputs of up to +30 dBu, the capability to deal with hot digital level without distorting and 48-bit internal resolution.

System 6000 by TC Electronic is the high-end stereo and multichannel processing tool for music, post- and broadcast production. The system features internal double-precision processing, superb jitter rejection and reference quality A/D and D/A converters.The System 6000 platform now provides two entry points: Reverb 6000 and Mastering 6000, each of them being upgradeable with a wide range of optional processors.

For more information on any of these products, please go the TC Electronic Website at