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Winter NAMM: TL Audio Ivory 5060 Preset Valve Compressor

TL Audio showed its new 5060 Preset Valve Compressor, the latest addition to the Ivory 2 Series, at Winter NAMM 2004.

TL Audio showed its new 5060 Preset Valve Compressor, the latestaddition to the Ivory 2 Series, at Winter NAMM 2004. The 5060 couples adual-channel compressor with a high-quality discrete mic preamp, plusstereo line and instrument inputs. The compressor stage features aselection of 15 vocal, instrument and mix presets, plus a Manual modethat provides access to fully variable control of threshold, ratio,attack/release, gain makeup and soft/hard-knee modes.

The 5060 can be operated in mono or linked stereo modes. The preampstage offers a total gain range of 100 dB, with 48-volt phantom powerand a 90Hz low-cut filter. A single illuminated VU meter monitors theoutput level or the compressor gain reduction for both channels, withdrive and peak LEDs providing a visual indication of valve drive andclipping, respectively. Both balanced and unbalanced line outputs areprovided, which can be used simultaneously.

A “Fat EQ” contour switch is provided in the output stage, whichprovides a subtle lift to the low- and high-frequency response of the5060, while dipping the midrange. This adds extra weight and presenceto the signal without affecting the overall output level. The optionalDO-2 digital output card allows 24-bit A/D conversion via a coaxialS/PDIF output, with selectable 44.1- or 48kHz sample rates and anexternal word clock connection.

The gain control element of the 5060 compressor stage is basedaround a special transconductance amplifier, which avoids the use ofVCAs and helps contribute to the smooth, open sound of the unit, alongwith the dual triode 12AX7 valve stage that lies at the heart of eachchannel signal path.

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