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Yamaha i88X Audio/MIDI Interface

Yamaha’s i88X is an mLAN-based audio and MIDI interface that features two mic and six line inputs

Yamaha’s i88X is an mLAN-based audio and MIDI interface thatfeatures two mic and six line inputs delivering audio to its24-bit/96kHz A/D converters.

Built-in ADAT Lightpipe compatibility and S/PDIF I/O allow for 18simultaneous inputs and outputs. The i88X can be used as a stand-alone18-channel computer I/O or as an expansion device in an mLAN network;because it is mLAN compatible, users can access more than 40 mLANlicensee company products.

The first two input channels feature extremely high-performance headamplifiers with phantom power and insert points. These head amps weredesigned by the same engineers who developed Yamaha’s DM2000 and 02R96digital mixing consoles.

“When it comes to the signal chain, there is no more importantcomponent than your mic preamps,” said Mike Martin, marketing managerof Digital Musical Instruments at Yamaha. “The combination of mLANcompatibility and superb preamps will allow users to seamlessly expandtheir computer-based systems with a level of audio quality that hasnever been offered in this price range.”

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