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Mix Presents Sound for Film: And the Award Goes To… The 33

Mix Presents Sound for Film: And the Award Goes To…

The 33

Action films can take many forms; with The 33, based on the real-life story of a Chilean mining accident, we get suspense with a capital S. And sound’s role is paramount in creating suspense, with a long lineage going back to the shower scene in Psycho and the screeching of the El tracks in The Godfather Part II. The suspense ebbs and flows in and out of the mine throughout the film, darting back and forth to families on the surface and the reverb-heavy environment of the underground prison. A deft job in weaving between the two environments, and a superb mix by Prestwood-Smith and Zub. Note: One of two James Horner scores completed before his death and released this year.

Director: Patricia Riggen

Movie Studio: Warner Bros.

Re-Recording Mixers: Mike Prestwood-Smith, Martyn Zub

Sound Designer: Alan Rankin

Supervising Sound Editor: Mark P. Stoeckinger

Sound Editorial: Tim Walston, sound editor; Luke Gibleon, sound effects recordist; Dan O’Connel, Foley artist; Roberto Dominguez, Foley mixer; Daniel S. Irwin, ADR supervisor; Chris Navarro, ADR mixer; Bill Higley, ADR mixer; Ben Whitver, ADR mixer; Laura Graham, ADR editor; Karen Cruces, ADR recordist; Guilherme Marinho, ADR recordist

Production Sound Mixer: Santiago Nunez

Music By: James Horner

Music Scoring Mixer: Simon Rhodes

Music Supervisor: Lynn Fainchtein

Music Editor: Tom Kramer; Nevin Seus, assistant music editor