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2006 Audio Education Directory-Central



Warren, MI, Online certification program study with lessons, reference materials, audio demonstrations and interactive quizzes. Free CD-ROM for high-speed study (U.S.-only). Study for Recording Institute of Detroit and other recording programs. Recording Institute of Detroit completions for production courses; RID Theory certification on basic audio, mixing and music business.

Ball State University

San Antonio, TX, 10-week basic and advanced engineering classes. Study is part hands-on/part lecture. Basic class covers theory, mics, consoles, recorders, live recording and mixing. Advanced class covers signal processors, hard disk recording, MIDI, synths and samplers, drum machines and sequencers, audio-for-video, real-time analysis and equipment maintenance.

Muncie, IN, 4-year Bachelor of Music, minor options in applied physics, computer science and digital media. Program focuses on theoretical and historical aspects of sound and music, computer music, recording and composition.

Cincinnati, 2-year associate’s degree in audio/video production. All-digital A/V production techniques and hands-on training. Digital music recording studio with Mac-based Pro Tools and Alesis HD24. Location sound techniques and sound for video and film.

Indianapolis, B.A. in recording industry studies. Three on-campus studios and control rooms feature Pro Tools HD/LE, Waves Platinum plug-ins, 16 mBox systems, MIDI keyboards, mics, outboard gear, Control|24, and Audient ACS 8024, Soundcraft Ghost and a Mackie 24X8 consoles. Active MEISA chapter and 770 Vinyl, a student-run record label.

Cleveland, B.A. in audio recording and a 5-year double-major with electrical engineering. State-of-the-art facilities, hands-on-studio time.

CLEVELAND INSTITUTE OF MUSIC B.M. in audio recording or double-major with instrument or composition major in five years. Courses cover classical and popular music studio techniques, mic use, surround sound, digital sound processing, audio-for-video, acoustics and studio maintenance. Faculty features multiple-Grammy-winners Jack Renner and Michael Bishop, Dr. Peter D’Antonio, Bruce Egre and Alan Bise.

Collumbia College Chicago

Plano, TX, 2-year A.A.S. in commercial music, 1-year certificate in audio engineering. Studio features Pro Tools MIXPlus, Control|24, Genelec 1030A monitors, a wide array of mics and six Mac G4s with Digi 001s. The MIDI/synth studio has 16 Mac G4 workstations.

Cuyahoga Community College

COLUMBIA COLLEGE CHICAGO 4-year B.A. in audio arts and acoustics. Courses in electronics, acoustics, math and audio systems theory, with electives in music, arts management, film/video and interactive multimedia. Three audio studios, digital audio and sound-for-picture suites, and labs for sound contracting and acoustics.

Cleveland, A.A.S. in recording arts and technology, certificate in live sound reinforcement, certified Pro Tools training center. Students train under professional producer/instructors and record regional music groups, cable TV programs, in-house label artists and manage regional stage at 5,000-seat Live Nation venue. Courses include concert production, tour management, concert technical production and sound for worship. Semester-length student-designed capstone recording project and internships.

Irving, TX, Diplomas in audio engineering and studio techniques. Courses provide extensive hands-on training on SSL, API, Neve, Focusrite, Yamaha and Mackie consoles. Lab sessions are held in the school’s 12,000-square-foot multistudio facility.

Cincinnati, Individual novice to advanced Pro Tools training, with elements of MIDI and recording techniques. Instruction is offered in our studio, dB Recording & Sound Design.

Corpus Christi, TX, Radio and Television, 2-year A.A. degree. Three-camera television studio with permanent interview and news sets. Control room includes switcher, character generator and audio boar. Students learn linear editing; advanced students do nonlinear projects. Two audio sound rooms, one set up to produce commercials.

Chicago, B.S. in music with elective studies in electrical engineering degree. DePaul SRT students take the full musicianship sequence and applied music, large ensemble, conducting and music electives. SRT students take classes in analog and digital microelectronics, computer science and calculus.

EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY, YPSILANTI 4-year B.S. in electronic media and film, and broadcasting. Program emphasizes production, history, theory and criticism.

Elmhurst, IL, Bachelor’s degree. In addition to classwork in music and business of music, students get hands-on experience through internships, industry speakers and course tours. State-of-the-art 24-track digital studio, courses range from music theory to MIDI, practice and recital facilities.

Allendale, MI, Electrical engineering with music minor program.

HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE A.A.S. and certificates in audio engineering and film production, certificates in MIDI production. Hands-on experience with eight fully equipped studios. Studio V: SSL 4048 G+. Studio IV: Pro Tools, Control|24. Studios IIIA and IIIB: Alesis X2 consoles, ADATs and synths. Studio II: video post and scoring. Studio I: 13 Mac G4s with Pro Tools. Studio VI/VI: 30 Final Cut Pro and Avid editing suites. Studio VIII: 3,000-square-foot soundstage.

Bloomington, A.S. or B.S. students record performances of the IU School of Music and complete more than 200 hours of project time in multitrack studio. Four performance hall recording studios, two DAW suites, two maintenance labs and a computing instruction classroom.

Minneapolis, 6-quarter A.A.S. degrees in audio production/engineering and entertainment business; Digidesign Pro School Operator and Expert certifications in Pro Tools, Logic certification. A faculty with more than 150 Gold and Platinum records. More than 80 Pro Tools workstations, 15 Digidesign ICONs, multiple SSL consoles, 10 studios.

Kansas City Kansas Community College

Dayton, OH, Associate degrees in communication arts and video production; diploma programs in audio engineering and broadcasting. Enrollment invitations based on prospective students touring the facility and demonstrating commitment and desire to be part of the broadcasting and recording fields. Small class sizes.

KANSAS CITY KANSAS COMMUNITY COLLEGE Associate degree. Classes cover computing skills, MIDI, synthesis, audio recording, audio editing/sound design, sound reinforcement, digital video production and Web design. Classes limited to 12 students. Accredited by North Central Association. Amek Media 51, Pro Tools HD2/LE, Alesis HD24XR, 5.1 Genelec studio, Soundcraft Ghost/MH3 and an 8.2 sound reinforcement system.

Parsons, KS, 2-year A.A.S. program. Hands-on experience learning through recording sessions, classroom lectures and research assignments. MIDI production and digital audio recording using Digital Performer and Pro Tools. Freshmen use the Mackie 32×8 and 24×8 mixing consoles to record to ADAT and to the SDR24. Sophomores use the Tascam D8B to record to Pro Tools and Digital Performer. Internships available.

Kirtland, OH, Degrees and 2-year certificates in audio engineering/production, video and broadcast, radio engineering, interactive media technology, animation/cartoon arts; B.A. in communication with Notre Dame College. Hands-on education taught by industry pros. Facilities include digital/analog studio/soundstages. Consoles by Otari, Sony, Mackie, SSL. Mac/PC media production labs.

Madison, WI, A.A. degrees in recording/music technology and multimedia technology. State-of-the-art classrooms, computer labs and studio space. Low student-to-teacher ratios. Classes taught by industry professionals. Hands-on and classroom experience. Accredited. Placement service.

Saint Paul, MN, 2-year A.A.S., 1-year diploma programs and 4-year bachelor’s degrees through a direct-transfer agreement with Augsburg College. Extensive Pro Tools training and 10 studios, including three 5.1 rooms and Trident, Sony and SSL consoles.

Decatur, IL,

MINNEAPOLIS COMMUNITY & TECHNICAL COLLEGE 2-year A.S. in sound arts. Program focused on the nature and control of sound with analog and digital tools. The craft of engineering plays a large part in the course, but the program focuses on a broader application of skills and liberal arts curriculum.

MINNESOTA STATE UNIVERSITY MOORHEAD 4-year B.M. in music industry, M.M. in new media. The program features a MIDI lab, recording studio, digital audio studio, film/video scoring studio; Dragon Tracks annual CD project; and MEISA student organization.

Calgary, Alberta; 2-year diploma in broadcasting. Program teaches working as a team to inform, create, promote and entertain through radio and television. Students report, write and anchor news and sports programs; create, write and produce commercials; and record, edit and direct programs for both media.

Minneapolis, 4-year B.A./B.S., 2-year A.A., 1-year certificate programs. Students experience sound engineering and recording production at McPherson Recording Studios on the campus. The Brad Yost — designed facility houses state-of-the-art equipment and has been employed by professional Christian artists to record and produce.

Norfolk, NE, 2-year A.A.S. audio/recording technology. Program combines thorough academics and hands-on training in live and studio environments. Facilities include two control rooms, recording studio, concert stage and isolation rooms.

NORTHERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY, MARQUETTE 4-year B.S. degree program (options in media production and new technology, electronic journalism and media studies). Professionally equipped studios include Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro and Trinity software.

Cedar Rapids, IA, 4-year online and classroom apprenticeship program for electronic systems technicians; 3 levels of certification for those who install and integrate multiple systems. Regional and online review courses offered.

Oberlin, OH, 4-year degree. TIMARA Department has excellent facilities for computer music, performance technology and new media. Seven studios, including a recording studio, two computer music studios, a digital media room with a Media 100 system and a computer music lab with multiple Mac-based workstation/samplers.

OHIO NORTHERN UNIVERSITY 4-year B.S. in broadcasting and electronic media. Students use the facilities of WONB, 94.9 FM and ONU Cable 3. Special courses offered in audio and video editing using Cool Edit Pro, Final Cut Pro and Avid.

OHIO UNIVERSITY, ATHENS B.S. in communications. The audio production sequence offers three tracks in audio production: music recording, media production or audio post-production. Recording complex includes an Amek BIG 28×24 console, Tascam MX-2424, Pro Tools HD with Control|24, and wide assortment of mics and processing gear. 16-station Mac G4 digital media lab and Sonic Solutions DVD-authoring system.

Champaign, IL, Learn recording essentials through Parkland College’s recording studio classes at Pogo Studio. Instructor/producer/engineer/musician Mark Rubel gives skilled guidance and overview in a real-world, well-equipped environment. Pogo Studio features digital and analog recording and a wealth of instruments.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Certificate courses in digital music production, advanced digital music production, 5.1 surround production, video art/VJ production. Our team specializes in selecting the hardware and software that you will need to make your music a reality. We will set up your virtual studio and provide all of the training that you need to begin producing your own music.

DALLAS/HOUSTON/SAN ANTONIO The Pro Tools certificate program is 25 hours, Digidesign Operator certificate for music or post is 75-plus hours, Digidesign Expert certificate for music or post is 100-plus hours. Accelerated audio and multimedia training for individuals and corporations. Courses are delivered at high-end studio facilities nationwide. Financial aid available.

North Canton, OH, [email protected]. The Audio Technician certification program emphasizes business and sound engineering. Coursework includes audio production, business law, management and technical courses in acoustics. The program also includes in-depth study of analog and digital audio production techniques in the state-of-the-art recording studios on campus.

Recording Conservatory of Austin
Austin, TX, The Recording Conservatory of Austin (TRCoA) is the only one-on-one mentorship program in central Texas for the recording arts. TRCoA teaches all facets of music production and audio engineering. The program covers music theory, digital recording, full board tracking, mixing, mastering, as well as business management and client recruitment. The program can be completed within a 12-month period with internship experience and a working client list for each student by the time of graduation.

Recording Workshop

Eastpointe, MI, 39-week recording engineer certificate, 26-week music producer certificate, 8-week associate recording engineer/producer certificate. Three major studios, dedicated student control room and student workstations. Small classes. See Alexander Magazine entry for online training.

Chillicothe, OH, Certificate programs in audio recording and music production. Approved for college credit toward bachelor’s degree in commercial music at Capital University. Two months of intensive, full-time training in music tracking, mixing and production. Eight studios and convenient student housing.

Hutchinson, MN, 2-year A.A.S. and diploma programs in audio technology cover studio recording, live sound, system design and installation. Students achieve a strong electronics and computer-applications background. Students will work with Pro Tools HD, Renkus-Heinz EASE and Ears, SIA Smaart Pro, BSS Soundweb, B&K acoustical test equipment, etc.

Midwest City, OK, Associate degrees in liberal studies with a music recording option. Classes include recording, computers and music, pop music theory, American music industry and lyric writing. Four Mac-based labs for hands-on time.

Chicago, 2-year audio engineering certificate.

Columbus, OH, Specialized private instruction includes music composition, aural training with applications in sound synthesis, MIDI and Mac-based computer music. Apprenticeships and internships available.

Levelland, TX, 2-year A.A.S. in sound technology. Two 24-track studios with Sony, Mackie digital consoles, Mackie HDR24/96 digital recorders. One 24/16-track digital/analog studio with Sony MXP-3036 console, MCI 2-inch analog, Mackie SDR24/96 digital. 15-station Pro Tools lab, 12-station MOTU Performer lab, two Digital Performer DAWs, MIDI lab. Small class sizes.

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY, CARBONDALE B.A. with specializations in audio production, radio, television/video production, broadcast news, electronic media marketing and management. Two labs with 29 Mac stations running Pro Tools LE, Digital Performer, Reason, Final Cut; 2 Pro Tools HD systems with Control|24. WSIU-TV television station, WSIU-FM radio station (NPR affiliate), WIDB Internet radio station and Digital Dog Records (student-run record label). Internship programs.

Greenville, IN, Variety of seminars, each taught using a multimedia approach. The fundamental principles are also taught in a very practical way, which allows you to use them immediately within the workplace. The seminars are approved for continuing education units.

TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY, SAN MARCOS 4-year B.M. in sound recording technology. Applicants should have significant musical abilities, well-developed aural skills and the ability to complete calculus and other technical courses. The curriculum emphasizes recording, music, digital media, math/science and an internship. TSU owns and operates the Fire Station, a multipurpose recording facility, where students participate in commercial recording sessions.

UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL MISSOURI, WARRENSBURG B.M. in music technology emphasizes audio engineering and musicianship, with hands-on learning with multitrack recording/editing studios, Pro Tools HD2/3, sound reinforcement equipment, MIDI/synthesis studios and a 12-station computer lab. Internships required. Class sizes between 15 and 20 students.

UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI B.F.A. and M.F.A. coursework includes sound technology and production, theater aesthetics, critical listening, music, digital audio, recording, reinforcement and sound design. We offer a diverse season of shows, including large musicals, operas, dance and dramas. Facilities include three well-equipped theaters, a sound design studio and extensive reinforcement equipment.

San Antonio, TX, 4-year B.A. in music with an emphasis in music industry studies program. Students take music theory, ear training, business, accounting and music industry studies, as well as arranging, MIDI and digital audio on a Mac G5 running Digital Performer.

UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, ANN ARBOR Four undergraduate degrees let students study a music core curriculum while specializing in separate areas in music technology, ranging from music performance along with technology to the emphasis on electrical and computer engineering. The M.A. degree is a multi-disciplinary program integrating engineering, music and art. An electronic music studio and computer/synthesizer lab; the college of engineering has a full recording studio.

UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, KANSAS CITY 3-year M.F.A. in theater sound. Students create sound scores for the theater through design, technical skills, history, production and entrepreneurship.

UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA, LINCOLN 4-year bachelor’s of journalism. The College of Journalism and Mass Communications houses the broadcasting department with extensive audio and video production facilities and the university’s FM radio station.

UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, AUSTIN Undergraduate classes include production and post-production, and strictly audio production in radio production classes. M.F.A. program has one required audio-for-picture class, and thesis films are mixed by staff mixer in in-house mix theater. Editing stations with Pro Tools HD and LE systems; second small mix theater.

University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, SAN ANTONIO Music technology certificate program is a 16-credit block of courses in music production, recording technology, synthesis and multimedia.

UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, OSHKOSH 4-year B.M. with emphasis in recording technology. Students are trained in a digital tape/hard disk/analog studio featuring a Sony 3000 Series console with automation, lock-to-video, full Pro Tools system with Contro|24, mastering DAWs and a connected MIDI lab. Auditions are required. Final requirement is a full-semester internship.

Vincennes, IN, 2-year associate’s degrees in broadcasting and music recording. Students use Cool Edit Pro, Final Cut Pro, two low-power radio stations that also broadcast on the Net, 50kw contemporary music radio stations and a public TV station with student-run newscast and Vincennes University sports programming.

Detroit, Recording techniques and concepts for music majors, including sound design creation for video and performance. A surround recording/mixing studio with Pro Tools HD, Neumann and DPA microphones. An electronic music lab with five Pro Tools workstations. A 165-seat recital hall, two music computer labs, 60 rehearsal spaces with pianos and larger spaces for ensembles.

St. Louis, 4-year B.A. audio production program. Students work in music recording, film sound, audio-for-video, radio, electronic sound synthesis, theatrical sound design, sound reinforcement, audio for computers, equipment maintenance and audio facility management.

Youngstown, OH, Bachelor of Music with emphasis in music recording. Recording classes include music recording workshop, digital editing, advanced microphone placement, digital sound design, recording intern and senior project. Faculty is currently working in the industry.