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Aviom A640 Personal Mixer Firmware Update Released

Aviom has updated its A640 Personal Mixer with a firmware download that adds a variety of new features.

Aviom A640 Personal Mixer
Aviom A640 Personal Mixer

West Chester, PA (April 1, 2024)—Aviom has updated its A640 Personal Mixer and D800 series of A-Net Distributor products with a firmware download that adds a variety of new features, including a pair of new intercom modes for the A640: Party Line and Grouped.

Party Line Mode allows up to eight performers to communicate interactively over the Aviom network whenever the A640 is used with Aviom’s D800 A-Net Distributor products. P{erformers can use their local intercom channel to interact with each other using the A640’s built-in mic or an external mic connected to the Aviom network, all without removing earbuds or headphones.

Meanwhile, Grouped Mode allows one or more users to activate a predefined set of up to eight A640 Intercoms simultaneously. The mode is intended for use during rehearsals, recording sessions, and live performances.

Aviom A640 Personal Mixer Launches

The firmware update also includes a redesigned Intercom window for the A640’s full-color display, highlighting which performers’ mics are active. Another new feature is a two-level (Low–High) Ambience function that lets users set a low-level ambience that adds a bit of “air” to the mix, then, at the tap of a button, go to a louder ambience level that allows easy interaction with the audience or congregation.

The free A640 firmware download also includes a required firmware update for the touring-class D800 and D800-Dante A-Net Distributors that work together with the A640 Personal Mixer to create and manage the Intercom feature set. The downloadable firmware file is user-installable from a USB flash drive and is available now on the Aviom website.