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Black Violin Celebrates Juneteenth in Miami with EV

Black Violin (holding EV mics) and the crew from Drummer Boy Sound.

Wil-B and Key Marcus of Black Violin are violinists with a unique musical vision that melds hip hop and R&B with their classical training. The group used EV and Dynacord sound reinforcement at the annual Juneteenth events held in Miami’s historic Overtown district at the Booker T. Washington High School auditorium.

Organized by Jubilate Arts, the Juneteenth program celebrates African American art and culture, resonating with Overtown’s rich, multicultural heritage. Black Violin’s “When Jesus Walks” concert also saw the debut of the Overtown Urban Classic (Hip Hop) Orchestra and Chorus, featuring the Jubilate Jazz Ensemble. The orchestra is a performance outlet for participants in Jubilate’s classical musical instrument training workshops. Jubilate’s exclusive sound company, Drummer Boy Sound (DBS) of Miami, ensured superb sound for the show, using numerous EV wireless and wired mics, monitors and amps, a Dynacord Cobra rig, Midas console and Klark Teknik processing.

“Our trusty rig delivered professional quality sound that really moved the audience and the performers,” stated Harold Cumming of DBS. “And, as always, we were amazed ourselves at how quickly the Cobra sets up, dials in and tears down. The EV mics mixed on a Midas added up to great sound at every step of the signal path, and every nuance of the performances came through loud and clear. Black Violin are great to watch as well as hear—rapping verses, playing passages on violin, all accompanied by a DJ. It was great to hear our rig put through the paces with such an original outfit. Ira Everett and the Jubilate organization are doing great things for this community, and it was a great feeling to do justice to their hard work by bringing concert-quality audio to a high school auditorium.”

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