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Burgundy Records Launches

The Sony BMG Strategic Marketing Group has launched its new record label, Burgundy Records. The new Sony BMG SMG imprint label, spearheaded by executive VP Joe DiMuro, is set to sign multi-Platinum artists and release new titles. The new label marks its debut with the signing of Chaka Khan and Aaron Neville.

“I am looking forward to working with many of the artists that I grew up and making their music available to everyone, including new and old fans alike,” comments DiMuro. “I am confident that Burgundy Records will be a fantastic addition to the Sony BMG myriad of labels.”

“I am excited to be a part of Burgundy Records and look forward to giving my existing fans and hopefully new fans some brand-new music,” comments Neville. Likewise, Khan reports, “I think that Burgundy was made for me, and I know that we’ll do great things together.”

Central to every project is the concept of a “360-Degree Approach”: promoting through a variety of channels, including licensing, strategic partnerships, mobile applications, DRTV, tour marketing and publicity.

“Artists and their labels can no longer rely on exposure through radio and video to get their music into the hands of existing or potentially new fans,” says DiMuro. “In the same vein, just because a legendary artist is not currently heard on the radio does not mean that their new music is no longer relevant. Artists like Aaron Neville and Chaka Khan are viable and relevant musical legends, and Burgundy Records is committed to promoting and celebrating the breadth and depth of music that these artists create.”

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