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Cakewalk Announces New Line of USB Audio Interfaces

Cakewalk announces three new USB audio interfaces. The UA-25EX, UA-4FX and UA-101 are designed to quickly and easily connect and capture audio for Mac and PC, and are the newest additions to the growing line of hardware products from Cakewalk. All three new products were designed in conjunction with Roland.

Cakewalk UA-25EX

The USB bus powered UA-25EX offers 24-bit/96kHz recording, two Neutrik XLR/TRS combo jacks that can accept XLR or 1/4-inch inputs, professional-grade mic preamps with 48-volt phantom power, one input with hi-Z option, built-in compressor/limiter, optical I/O, MIDI I/O with proprietary Fast Processing Technology (FPT), headphone output, direct-box function, ground lift, low latency drivers for Mac or PC (WDM, Core Audio, ASIO 2.0), Vista support (including both 32- and 64-bit, zero latency direct monitoring and the Cakewalk Production Plus Pack, which includes SONAR LE and Dimension LE (Windows).

Cakewalk UA-4X

Cakewalk UA-4FX is a compact and portable 24-bit/96kHz USB audio interface featuring genuine Roland COSM preamp emulation technology and high quality effects. The UA-4FX provides mobile recording, built-in effects and great sound in a compact package designed primarily for guitarists, singer/songwriters and keyboardists on the go. The UA-4FX is also USB bus powered. Its 14 onboard effects include chorus, delay, reverb, enhancer and multi-band compressor/limiter. It also has an XLR input with phantom power, 1/4-inch input with hi-Z option, S/PDIF optical I/O, 1/8-inch electret input, five-segment stereo LED meters for mixing and checking levels, MIDI in/out ports using proprietary advanced FPT technology, low latency drivers for Mac or PC (WDM, Core Audio, ASIO 2.0), Vista (both 32- and 64-bit), and the Cakewalk Production Plus Pack comprising SONAR LE, and Dimension LE (Windows)

Cakewalk UA-101

The Cakewalk UA-101 is a high-speed USB 10×10 USB Audio Interface for Mac and PC that provides up to 24-bit/192kHz audio quality. The UA-101 offers multiple I/O options, two professional grade mic preamps with 48V phantom power, built-in analog limiter, zero latency direct monitoring, and more in a sturdy, half-rackspace, solid metal enclosure. Users can record and monitor six channels simultaneously at 24-bit/192 kHz or all 10 channels simultaneously at 24-bit/96 kHz. Inputs and outputs include a pair of Neutrik XLR/TRS combo inputs with hi-Z option for electric guitar/bass, six 1/4-inch TRS balanced inputs, 10 1/4-inch TRS balanced outputs, S/PDIF optical I/O with Digital Sync Indicator, headphone out and MIDI I/O. The integrated low-noise, wide-range power supply provides for +4 or -10 dBu selectable balanced inputs with PAD switches. The UA-101 includes a software-controlled internal mixer and patchbay, and supports digital clock slave, has a 5-LED level indicator on the front panel, offers zero-Latency, direct monitoring and ultra low latency drivers (WDM, Core Audio, ASIO 2.0) for Mac or PC. Vista support includes both 32- and 64-bit. It also comes packaged with the Cakewalk Production Plus Pack (SONAR LE, and Dimension LE).

Cakewalk states that the UA-25EX, UA-4FX and UA-101 will be available at select music and sound retailers worldwide in September 2009. For more information on Cakewalk’s new USB audio interface products, visit Local prices may vary; please check with your local Cakewalk distributor, or your local retailer for more details.