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Cakewalk Releases Free SONAR Version 6.2 Update

Cakewalk announces a free update to SONAR 6, Version 6.2, which is available as a free download for registered users of SONAR 6 Producer Edition and Studio Edition at

The update introduces MIDI input quantize and further refines new technologies introduced in SONAR 6, including Active Controller Technology (ACT) and AudioSnap. SONAR 6.2 also includes a new Bit Meter VST plug-in and introduces new X-Ray Windows functionality to enhance workflow. As the first digital audio workstation to natively support Microsoft Windows Vista, Version 6.2 supports key new technologies offered by the new operating system, including WaveRT driver support for more efficient low-latency playback and MMCSS for higher priority audio processing.

The new Edirol PCR-300, PCR-500, and PCR-800 MIDI keyboard controllers have been optimized to work with SONAR. At launch, SONAR communicates with these new Edirol controllers to ensure that the PCR is in the correct mode to work with SONAR. In addition, the new PCR series units have dedicated Dynamic Mapping buttons, which enable/disable ACT in SONAR. When enabled, SONAR enables ACT and launches the Edirol PCR-300 property page. When disabled, SONAR disables ACT and closes the Edirol PCR-300 property page.

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