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CEDAR Audio Announces Cambridge Series III

CEDAR Audio announces the immediate availability of the CEDAR Cambridge Series III audio restoration and speech enhancement system. The company states that its new system offers more than double the processing power of any previous CEDAR Cambridge hardware and more storage capability than previous CEDAR Cambridge Servers, and that “every Series III is a server-grade powerhouse capable of processing more audio, more quickly, and for more simultaneous users than ever before.”

The company has rewritten CEDAR Cambridge’s core software and every processing module to take advantage of the latest Windows Vista operating system. Consequently, every CEDAR Cambridge System III is shipped with Windows Vista 64 as standard.

CEDAR Cambridge III retails for approximately 10-percent less than the CEDAR Cambridge Server host PC, which is now discontinued, as are all earlier CEDAR Cambridge ‘Q’ systems.

CEDAR Cambridge Series III is said to be fully compatible with the full suite of CEDAR Cambridge software running on all existing CEDAR Cambridge and CEDAR Cambridge Server systems. Furthermore, the CEDAR Cambridge software written to run on Windows Vista 64 is backward compatible with all previous CEDAR Cambridge and CEDAR Cambridge Server systems running Windows XP.

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