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CEDAR Audio Creates CEDAR Deutschland

Founded by CEDAR Audio Ltd. and Stephan A. Behrens (pictured), CEDAR Deutschland has been established in Bavaria to bring CEDAR Audio and its range of audio restoration and speech enhancement products closer to its German-speaking customers in both Germany and Austria.

“For nearly two decades, hardly any other manufacturer can lay claim to its leading position in a segment of the pro-audio market as clearly as CEDAR Audio,” says Behrens. “The founding of CEDAR Deutschland is a logical step to assure the company’s continuous success in one of the world’s biggest markets, and I’m delighted to be a part of that. I will be recruiting more CEDAR specialists in the near future, and we will ensure that CEDAR Deutschland can offer the highest level of sales, training and engineering support at the local level.”

Behrens first worked with CEDAR in 1993 when he was employed by CEDAR’s dealer at that time, Mediacom GmbH. “I was involved in CEDAR sales when the company first appeared on the German market,” he continues. “I was so impressed with their products that, despite being unconnected with the company for more than a decade, I have continued to use their audio restoration systems in my own productions.”

“For eight years, we have been distributed in Germany by SADiE GmbH, and they have done a fantastic job for us,” says Gordon Reid, managing director of CEDAR Audio. “But while we are very sad to be leaving them, the time is right for us to open our third regional office. We’ve known Stephan almost since our earliest forays into Europe, and we are delighted to be bringing him on board.”

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