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Cerwin-Vega Launches P-Series P.A. System with Bi-Coastal Events

Cerwin-Vega P-Series P1500X speakers and P1800SX subwoofers

Cerwin-Vega launched its new P-Series professional P.A. system, from the Gibson Pro Audio brand, with events at the Gibson Showrooms in New York City (December 6) and Los Angeles (December 11). Designed for any sound reinforcement application, from live performances to public speeches, the P-Series P1500X speakers were used both as monitor wedges and stacked with the P1800SX subwoofers for full amplification.

The P1500x ($1,199) is a two-way, bi-amped, full-range bass-reflex speaker that employs a 15-inch woofer, with a reported rating of 1,500 watts, and high-frequency compression driver powered by a custom Class-D amp. It can be used as a single speaker for a small venue, and also be set in pairs for a larger venue needing more coverage and SPL, or side mounted as a floor monitor for a band. Built-in rigging points and a remote volume port also make the P1500X ideal for suspended installation.

The P1800SX ($1,499) powered subwoofer employs an 18-inch woofer with a custom 2,000W Class-D amp. The large woofer and amplifier are enclosed in a hardwood cabinet; the combination is said to provide a high level of bass punch and extreme low end response. Like the speaker, the P1800SX sub has frequency-shaping controls, a Vega Bass boost, and a highpass filter switch (as a built-in crossover) to ensure the right amount of bass for a particular venue. While designed for use with the P1500X, the P1800SX can be used for bottom-end extension with competitive products. Additionally, the Thru and Mix output options allow for system expandability and fast daisy-chain connections between components.

The performance in New York City on Thursday, December 6, took place at the former Hit Factory Studios and featured performances by DJ Premier, The Dirty Pearls, Scratch DJ Academy teacher DJ Henry C (mixing on Stanton STR.150 turntables through the P-Series), and 12-year-old Scratch DJ Academy student Luka, who is also known as DJ Not the Average, using the Stanton SCS.4DJ Complete DJ System.

“The P-series sound was amazing,” says DJ Henry C. “The audio was through the air, it felt like it was right next to me.”

The Dirty Pearls at the P-Series Launch Event in New York City on Thursday, December 6

“The P-Series Launch Event in NYC was the first time we played through the P-Series speakers,” says Tommy London, The Dirty Pearls’ lead singer. The band will be heading out on tour with Lady Gaga. “We noticed that even the audience tonight was more enthusiastic, and you could just tell that the electricity of the sound went through them and came back to us. It was just amazing. The P-series brought it!”

The Gibson Pro Audio team members headed to Los Angeles for another P-Series event on December 11, featuring DJ Serafin, 10-year-old Jam Master Jay Scratch Academy student DJ Young 1 (on a Stanton SCS.4DJ), and echosmith.

“I loved the Mega Bass system in the P-Series,” says DJ Serafin, who signed with Jive Records to create remixes of songs by artists such as Britney Spears and Jordin Sparks. “It is loud and perfect for all mobile applications.”

“We were all really impressed at how big and clear everything sounded from such a small P.A.,” say the members of echosmith. “It was such a cool experience, getting to play a full electric set and still hear through our monitors perfectly. Everything was crystal clear, and hearing everything that clear and warm really inspired us to play a great show.”

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