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Clear Tune Monitors CE110 Entry-Level IEMs Ship

Clear Tune Monitors has introduced the entry-level CE110 IEM to its line of in-ear monitors for live-sound use.

Clear Tune Monitors CE110 IEMs
Clear Tune Monitors CE110 IEMs

Orlando, FL (May 6, 2022)—With the return of live sound and concerts, artists at all levels are returning to the stage, and that includes emerging musicians. With that in mind, Clear Tune Monitors has introduced the entry-level CE110 to its line of in-ear monitors.

Designed as a first step into the world of personal monitors, the budget-priced, universal fit, single-driver IEM provides audio at a price point intended for both first-time buyers as well as owners of custom IEMs looking for a cost-effective backup.

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The CE110 features a single 10mm Titanium-Coated PEEK driver, supported by CTM’s Wave Integrating Sonic Element (W.I.S.E.) technology. The design of the monitor, based on the average shape of more than 20,000 ear impressions ears that CTM engineers have worked with in the last 10 years, is intended to provide comfort and isolation.

The CE110 comes with a standard 0.78 mm 2-pin detachable cable for replacement. It is produced from wires with 80 OFC (oxygen-free copper) strands, braided to improve and reinforce the cable’s strength.

The CE110 has a retail price of $99.99 and is available for purchase at, Walmart and other retail outlets.