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DiGiCo Launches SD10-24 Console, Remote Rack RR-PSU, MINI Rack, NANO Rack

DiGiCo SD10-24 digital console

At last week’s 131st AES Convention in New York City, DiGiCo unveiled the SD10-24 digital console. The compact unit has a work surface constructed from anodized aluminium overlaid with polycarbonate panels to provide clear and concise user feedback. It also has the same 15-inch touch-sensitive screen as DiGiCo’s SD Ten.

The SD10-24’s control surface features 25 100mm touch-sensitive faders for quick access to the console’s 96 channels with full processing, 12 of which can be configured as full Flexi Channels, and outputs that can be assigned across the surface. All inputs have dual mono inputs for fast “Main” and “Alt” channel switching. Four layers of 10 backlit LCD keys provide access to Smart Key Macros for programming functions that users can recall at the push of a button.

Local I/O, positioned on the rear of the console, comprises eight mic inputs, eight line outputs, eight mono AES I/O, two MADI connections with redundant cabling connections, 16 GPI and GPO connections, MIDI, word clock, MADI and Optocore for synchronization.

Standard input channel processing includes channel delay; single and multi channel presets; HPF and LPF with 24dB per octave; four bands of parametric EQ with band curve selection; compressor and date; dual insert points and access to all busing. Standard output channel processing includes output delay; eight bands of parametric EQ; compressor and gate; dual insert points; groups with buss to bus routing; plus Auxes that have direct talk to output with dim control.

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At AES 2011, DiGiCo also launched the MINI and NANO racks, which are the latest in the company’s series of I/O rack modules. Together with DiGiCo’s SD and D racks, the MINI and NANO racks offer a flexible I/O rack solution for any situation. Multiple DiGiCo mixing consoles can be positioned in an “Optocore” 2G optical loop, designed for complex live or broadcast productions in which multiple consoles need to share and submix I/O. The MINI and NANO racks’ I/O connections can be distributed throughout a venue at the most convenient points. Alternatively, at a sports broadcasting event, a combination of I/O racks can be distributed about the field of play, all backed up on a redundant single or multimode optical loop. Up to 14 rack IDs can be defined on each loop providing a full optical distribution system.

The MINI rack has 4x standard SD hot swappable I/O card slots, which can be populated with any combination of the SD-Rack I/O cards, currently including Mic/Line, Line output, AES I/O, AES In, AES Out, ADAT, AVIOM, DANTE, and an HD-SDi card that is in development. Standard on the rack are MADI I/O connections along with the choice of HMA, OpticalCon or ST optics.

Find more information on the DiGiCo SD-Mini Rack.

DiGiCo SD-Nano Rack

The NANO is half the physical size of the MINI rack and offers two SD hot swappable I/O card slots, with the same card options. Optical connections are again user defined with HMA, OpticalCon or ST options.

Find more information on the DiGiCo SD-Nano Rack.


Finally, DiGiCo has developed the Remote Rack PSU or RR-PSU for its SD range of digital mixing consoles. It comprises two modules: one with a single multi-pin connector, the other a 3U rack-mount unit with a corresponding multi-pin connector and two power supply sockets. These two modules are connected via a 16-foot cable, which allows the power supply to sit in a remote location, thus removing any fan noise from the level sensitive area.

The RR-PSU can also be used in conjunction with the SD11, with the additional benefit of turning the SD11 into a redundant PSU system. The DiGiCo RR-PSU can be used with SD8, SD9, SD10 and SD11 consoles.

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