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DiGiCo UK Announces Management Buyout

From left to right: DiGiCo’s David Webster, Helen Culleton, John Stadius and James Gordon.

DiGiCo of Chessington, Surrey, UK announced that on July 7, DiGiCo’s management buyout was completed and put the long-term future of the company into the hands of the people who have brought it to where it is today. The new management team comprises Chief Executive Bob Doyle, Managing Director James Gordon, Marketing Director David Webster, Technical Director John Stadius and Company Secretary Helen Culleton.

Having taken over the mantle of Managing Director from Doyle in January, this was Gordon’s first significant project in the role. “We’ve always been a reactive and proactive company that understands the marketplace we’re in,” says Gordon. “However, when you have external investors, there is a need to explain the ins and outs of decision making processes and that can slow things down.

“The management buyout removes that requirement and means we can focus more of our time on doing what we do best, making us an even more agile and focused company.”

Along with a number of plans yet to be revealed, DiGiCo will create a share-incentive scheme for its employees. “It’s nice that as a modern company we’re able to reward the people that work with us and put in the extra time,” Gordon continues. “We have a lot of staff that work 24/7 for the benefit of this company, and they will now be able to share in the success with us fully.”

DiGiCo Chief Executive Bob Doyle

“Lots of companies evolve as we did,” adds Doyle. “It was necessary to introduce shareholders into the mix to make the initial purchase of the company back in 2002. But now, those whose hard work over the last five years has enabled the company to reach a position to where a buyout was a reality, need to be rewarded with equity ownership so that we can take things to the next stage in company development and growth.

“We couldn’t have a better management team than the one that’s been put in place. Everyone has worked very hard and Helen, in particular, has been exceptional through this buyout period.”

“The potential of what we can achieve with the technology we have within the company, both current and future, is amazing and I thank John Stadius for that every day,” says Gordon. “The enthusiasm and drive for success that has got us this far is back to where it was when we started in 2002 and will carry us forward.”

“I’m extremely excited that the team of people I’ve been working closely with for a long time are now truly part of the company,” concludes Webster. “This is the second step in the plan for our long-term future. What’s ’round the corner? I’m sure you can make a guess, but we’re not telling right now!”

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