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Fairlight Announces Connie Mixing Consoles, Pyxis-MT

Fairlight Connie II console

Fairlight has released Connie II and Connie III, new versions of its popular large-format Constellation mixing console offering integrated audio for video post-production systems in compact footprints. Each model incorporates the recently launched Xynergi Centre Section (XCS) panel, offering the power and flexibility of Fairlight’s award-winning Xynergi controller technology—which was previously only available in desktop form—to the entire Constellation range.

Connie II is a 2-bay Constellation mixing system configured with a 12 fader panel, Pyxis Track SD video and a new Fairlight Monitor Arm panel, a dedicated panel solution for clients looking for more flexibility in monitor panel location, angle and general console ergonomics. Connie II supports expansion with a blank panel that can be replaced with an additional Monitor Arm panel, Fader panel, In Line panel, Channel Assign panel or Channel Select panel.

Connie III is a 3-bay Constellation mixing system configured with a 12 fader panel, Monitor Arm panel, Pyxis Track SD and three blank panels. This larger frame size offers all the key benefits of Connie II but provides space to add more faders and panels as they are needed. The three blank panels can be configured with additional Monitor Arm panels, Fader panels, In Line panels, Channel Assign panel or Channel Select panel.

Both Connie II and Connie III are driven by Fairlight’s “green” Crystal Core (CC-1) engine, an alternative processing platform that delivers increased performance with dramatically lower power consumption.

Fairlight Pyxis-MT system GUI

Fairlight also announces Pyxis-MT (Pyxis Multitrack), a versatile audio and video capture, playback and file transfer system that can record simultaneous high-quality multitrack audio and uncompressed High Definition video. The Pyxis-MT combines all the functionality of a fully featured Pyxis HD non linear video recorder with a professional 192-track audio recorder. The Pyxis MT is a multitrack companion for recording music, live events, ADR, Foley, live theater sound and live television, including sports broadcasting and music concerts. Fairlight states that it is also a cost-effective HD VTR for video switcher feeds and can play a useful role onboard Outside Broadcast (OB) trucks or as part of a mobile recording unit.

The Pyxis-MT offers 24-bit/96KHz audio quality and can record up to 96 tracks of sample-locked, floating-point audio that integrates with frame-locked uncompressed HD video for both capture and playback. An additional 96 audio tracks are available in the track-laying process for track-hungry applications.

The system includes Fairlight’s extensive drag-and-drop file handling capabilities as well as the ability to jog and scrub audio and video in sync. Comprehensive multimedia file import/export options come as standard, as well as onboard “open” MADI connectivity.

Pyxis-MT is likewise powered by Fairlight’s Crystal Core (CC-1) engine.

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