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Frank Wolf Modifies With ATC

Hollywood film score and music mixer/recordist Frank Wolf first heard about ATC’s upgrades (which includes those for drivers and amplifier overhauls) from Las Vegas Pro Audio president Brad Lunde. Wolf then changed out the subwoofers in his 12-year-old ATC SCM100 reference monitors for the company’s new Super Linear drivers. “They’re dramatically improved,” says Wolf.

“I pulled them apart myself, replaced the ports and put the new speakers in,” says Wolf. ATC also offered to service the amplifier modules, he adds. “They suggested that if I wanted to pull the amp packs out and ship them, they would check them and tweak them and make sure they were up to snuff, which I did,” he continues. “They turned them around fast and didn’t keep me off the air for long at all. That’s about as good customer service as you could ever hope to get.”

With his LCR setup of SCM100 monitors sporting new woofers and fresh components in his amplifier modules, Wolf was able to get back to work. “What I’ve done since the upgrade is recorded and mixed the new Pixar movie, Cars, which is coming out next summer. I mixed the album for The Producers, the new film of the Broadway production inspired by the original Mel Brooks film. And I’m just now working on a Spike Lee movie with composer Terrence Blanchard.”

For more information on the ATC loudspeakers, visit the company’s U.S. distributor, LasVegasProAudio, at