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Full Sail Chooses Steinberg Software

Florida-based Full Sail Real World Education has installed Steinberg’s Cubase and Nuendo digital audio software in key technology labs to aid in teaching audio and multimedia production. Individual workstations are running either Steinberg’s Cubase SX3 or Nuendo 2. Each workstation is networked into a main server that houses students’ audio clips.

“We offer our students an immersive program that includes 1,578 hours of training given over a one year period,” says Bill Smith, Full Sail’s Recording Arts program director. “We have 50 labs and studios that mirror just about any situation our students are likely to find themselves in after they graduate, from typical project studios all the way up to world-class tracking facilities.

“We knew that whatever digital audio sequencer we chose would be the first software that many of our students saw,” Smith continues. “Cubase SX 3 is straightforward and easy to get comfortable with on a basic level. Once you get comfortable with Cubase, and Nuendo for that matter, it’s easy to keep going and dig into the deeper features, which are as complex and detailed as any software on the market.”

Full Sail also needed software that could integrate well with other applications and hardware. “Cubase and Nuendo have performed flawlessly for us in this area,” says Smith. “Our MIDI lab, for example, has hardware and software from just about every manufacturer in the marketplace, and we never have any problems getting Steinberg software to work with anything.”

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