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Gotham Audio Distributes Quantec Yardstick Series

Quantec ProAudio appointed Gotham Audio LLC as the exclusive distributor of the Yardstick Series of digital reverbs in the U.S. and Canada effective from November 2007. All new models of the Yardstick Series contain all top features of the past Quantec reverb effects processors, including the Quantec QRS algorithm of 1982, which is said to be the most natural sounding artificial reverb in the industry.

The front panel user interface for the new Yardstick models comes from the Yardstick 2402. Installing and filing of presets can be done via MIDI, RS-232, Ethernet or high-speed USB 2 interface from a computer.

Quantec Yardstick 2496

The Yardstick 2496 (pictured) contains two digital (stereo) inputs and up to six outputs; the Yardstick 2498 contains eight digital inputs and outputs to generate ambience and surround sound effects to simulate special room acoustics. All inputs and outputs are fully digital with XLR connectors (2496) or D-Sub connectors (2498).

The overall signal path of the new Yardstick models 2496 and 2498 is based on a word length of at least 24 bits at all inputs and outputs. The internal QRS room simulation algorithm will be calculated with a word length of 32 bits (linear or single-point floating point) or partly with 64 bits (double-precision floating point). Both models work with high-end algorithms and offer a variable Room Size between 1 and 100,000, or at least 1,000,000 cubic meters.

The new Yardstick models 2492 and 2493 contain all reverberation and room simulation features of the Yardstick 2496, except for the multichannel configuration and the variable Room Size. The 2492 contains two digital (stereo) inputs and outputs, while the 2493 contains two analog (stereo) inputs and outputs. This primarily meets the needs of musicians onstage, as well as home recording applications.

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