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Grace Design m908 Controller Gets Firmware Update

A new V2 firmware update for the Grace Design m908 adds functionality while streamlining integration and more.

The Grace Design m908 monitor controller has brand-new V2.0 firmware.
The Grace Design m908 monitor controller has brand-new V2.0 firmware.

Lyons, CO (January 25, 2023)—The Grace Design m908 monitor controller has been a part of many production facilities workflows, and now a V2.0 firmware update will give the unit additional functionality, with an improved web-based set-up and control platform that speeds up integrating the controller into a user’s setup.

The new firmware allows m908 users to not only control all monitoring features, but also load, edit and store all system parameters on the m908 from a web browser on any desktop or mobile device. The update also includes an expanded room correction EQ capability, which now supports 12 bands per channel on all 24 channels at all sample rates—a plus for facilities looking to get Dolby Atmos certification for a room.

Grace Design Updates Powerful m908 Monitor Controller

“This firmware and software has been a top-priority project for our engineering team” says Grace’s President Michael Grace. “The m908 has a very deep setup environment which can present a steep learning curve when operated on the hardware remote, but this new platform makes setup easy by allowing users to directly edit and store parameters into fields on a webpage.”

Users enter the IP address of their unit into a browser from a device on the same local network. The m908 will automatically serve the control platform to the browser and work from there. There is nothing to download or install.

“We have had the new software in Beta for a good while with a few demanding engineers and studios,” added Grace. “Now it’s ready for prime time and hope it makes current and future m908 owners and operators lives a little better.”