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The Hideaway Studio in Minneapolis Announces Internship Program

Intern Adam Greenwald (left) works with The Hideaway Studio founder Joseph Mabbott in setting up headphones at The Hideaway Studio for a recording session with hip-hop artist Brother Ali.

The Hideaway Studio, a premier music recording facility serving the Minneapolis market and such artists as Snoop Dogg, Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Cloud Cult, The Matches, and Doomtree, is expanding its internship program in conjunction with the studio’s recent efforts to make the studio a more accessible resource for mainstream and commercial use among the general public.

“Since its establishment seven years ago, The Hideaway Studio has had its share of interns, but recruitment was done on a more casual basis and not part of its regular routine and staffing,” explains The Hideaway Studio’s founder Joseph Mabbott, a leading producer, engineer and mixer. “By stepping up our program, we are devoting a more aggressive approach in our intern recruitment to provide a steady revolving door of hands-on opportunity for the so many young, talented and driven music individuals out there who are looking to build fruitful careers within the music industry.”

As an avid musician who discovered his passion and appreciation for music at a very young age and a current instructor at McNally Smith College of Music, Mabbott says that enhancing The Hideaway Studio’s internship program is a by-product of his love for music and education. “I have always wanted to enhance our internship program,” says Mabbott. “As an instructor, I see so many gifted music students everyday who are craving practical training and experience. The expansion of our internship program allows me to provide them with this platform and to play an active role in helping them cultivate their musical abilities.”

As part of the practical day-to-day experience with studio processes and operations, interns sit in and assist on recording sessions and engage in session set-ups and tear downs for tracking, which will include miking, patching and Pro Tools operations. Additionally, students sit in on and observe mixing sessions and learn techniques for successful mixes.

Adam Greenwald is a McNally Smith College of Music student who is beginning his third and final year studying music business production and minoring in hip-hop. Greenwald says that working at The Hideaway Studio has been a rewarding experience. Interning nearly 30 hours a week in the midst of his full-time studies, Greenwald is responsible for general studio maintenance and upkeep; he also helps with the setup and teardown of recording sessions, manages the studio’s Facebook page, and writes blog posts.

Greenwald (left) sets up the mic at The Hideaway Studio for hip-hop artist Brother Ali for laying down guide vocals.

“What is so great about interning with The Hideaway Studio is that Joe [Mabbott] is someone who understands the hands-on nature of learning and wants to involve you whenever possible,” Greenwald says. “From setting up microphones for recording bands to changing drum heads, Joe teaches by giving you a task and allowing you the chance to first figure it out for yourself. He is always willing to answer questions and show how he does things without micromanaging.”

Greenwald adds that the studio delivers a well-rounded perspective on various components of the music industry. “The Hideaway Studio provides so many different aspects of the recording sessions to focus on,” he says. “Whether it’s pure audio engineering and gear, musical aspects of a production, or interacting with clients, the studio has a tremendous amount to offer interns.”

In addition to working with interns from McNally Smith College of Music, The Hideaway Studio is also trying to recruit interns from additional music colleges, including Mabbott’s alma mater, the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Arizona.

Any students who are interested in participating in The Hideaway Studio’s internship program are encouraged to speak with a college advisor and/or email Mabbott directly at [email protected].

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