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Holophone H2-PRO Used to Record 7.1 Sound Effects Library

Wave Recording Studios’ Project Harvest crew in Dublin, Ireland.

London-based Wave Recording Studios, a provider of audio mixing and sound effects services for the UK’s advertising industry, is amassing a 7.1 sound effects library. Named Project Harvest, this quest will take Wave audio engineers Joss Gardner and Craig Loftus around the world, starting in Europe, recording sound effects in real-time and real-life situations.

Working on projects for Guinness and other major advertisers, Wave co-owners Johnnie Burn and Warren Hamilton jointly decided on Holophone’s H2-PRO surround microphone for Project Harvest. “We selected the H2-PRO because it provides superior 7.1 recordings without the need for complicated set-up,” explains Gardner. “You can just plug it in and know that it will work when you need it to, in whatever situation you throw at it.”

The H2-PRO is positioned on a stand or portable boom, and is being used in conjunction with a Zaxcom Deva V hard disk recorder. The boom is more portable and allows Gardner and Loftus to record a greater number of sounds per day. All items are recorded at 24-bit/96kHz resolution.

The H2-PRO is being used in a variety of locations and environments to capture environmental sounds, such as jet fighters passing overhead in Anglesea, a school dinner hall in Cornwall, cicadas in a Spanish field, visitors at London’s Tate Modern Museum and rushing water in Parisian sewers.

“The sound produced by the H2-PRO is clear and the surround image is excellent,” Gardner adds. “It has also survived being lugged up mountains, punched by soccer fans and traveling in the van with us.”

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