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iZotope Releases ‘Audio Repair with RX 3: Tools, Tips and Techniques’

iZotope Inc. in Cambridge, Mass., has released Audio Repair with RX 3: Tools, Tips, and Techniques, its new digital reference guide offering more than 100 pages of information for audio editors who repair or restore audio.

Audio Repair with RX 3 outlines the most common types of audio problems in recordings and covers the fundamental concepts of audio repair, while providing helpful tips from professionals for salvaging previously unusable audio.

Geared toward helping users approach audio restoration based on their specific goals, readers can navigate through a wealth of tips and techniques from professionals including Emmy award-winning sound mixer Bill Jackson, Pro Tools Expert deputy editor Mike Thornton, and others.

For RX 3 users, audio repair techniques using iZotope’s new RX 3 audio restoration software are also included as subtopics throughout the guide.

The guide provides information on how to identify the basics of audio repair and restoration, and understand the tools of the trade; learn the use of a spectrogram to identify audio problems; expand efficiency in denoising, including reducing broadband noise, hum and tonal noise, and dialog denoising; removing intermittent noises and gaps, clicks and pops, clipping, and reverb; learn techniques for efficiently exporting and delivering audio; and discover tips from award-winning industry leaders, including time-saving advice and guidance through specific modules and plug-ins.

Download Audio Repair with RX 3 for free directly from iZotope’s Website.

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