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KEF America Launches LSX Monitor Accessories

KEF’s LSX monitors, aimed at both mixing recording pros and consumers, now have a trio of accessories.

Marlboro, NJ (July 2, 2019)—KEF’s LSX monitors, aimed at both mixing recording pros and consumers, now have a trio of accessories—the S1 Floor Stand, the B1 Wall Bracket and the P1 Desk Pad, all set to ship in August.

Reviewed in the May 2019 issue of Pro Sound News, the LSX monitors were found by Rob Tavaglione to be “an ideal choice” for “laptop producers, for control rooms needing a second reference and wireless convenience for their clients, for those who need the versatility of home theater usage, too, and especially those who don’t want an unsightly cable between monitors.”

The S1 Floor Stand features an aluminum structure with a fillable pillar, providing a stable base for the speaker. Integrated cable management provides a clean aesthetic, and the stands come in black or white.

While not aimed at studio pros, the black or silver B1 Wall Bracket is an accessory intended to match the ‘plug-and-play’ nature of the LSX. It features cable management, an integrated mounting system and an adjustable dias to provide rotation.

Offered in a black or silver finish, the P1 Desk Pad is intended for a variety of use and provides a 10° upward tilt.

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KEF also recently added Apple AirPlay 2 for its LSX line, so LSX owners will be able to stream music, videos and games from any Apple device including iPhone, iPad or Mac to the speakers.

Shipping in August, the S1 Floor Stand will run $349.99 a pair; the B1 Wall Bracket will run $229.99 a pair; and the P1 Desk Pad will go for $179.99 a pair.

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