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KGW of Portland, Ore. Installs Linear Acoustic OCTiMAX

KGW Channel 8 assistant chief engineer Tim Kerr

Linear Acoustic recently supplied an OCTiMAX 5.1 digital television audio processor to Belo Corporation’s KGW Channel 8 in Portland, Ore. The OCTiMAX controls multichannel audio levels for the station’s HD broadcasts and handles stereo-to-5.1-channel upmixing of legacy stereo material. The order was fulfilled by Lon Neumann of Enders & Associates in West Hills, Calif., which handles West Coast service and support for Linear Acoustic products.

The system has been on the air for more than seven months at the NBC affiliate. According to KGW assistant chief engineer Tim Kerr (pictured), “The OCTiMAX has proved very stable in service. We use the system to control overall levels of our 5.1-channel audio for the high-def channel and to provide automated upmixing when we plan to broadcast a show that has a stereo soundtrack.” The OCTiMAX 5.1 unit is currently triggered from tallies produced by the station’s Thompson Grass Valley Group M2100 switcher and Sundance Digital Titan Air automation control.

“[Linear Acoustic founder/president] Tim Carroll demonstrated the unit to the station’s technical department at an SBE meeting late last year,” Kerr recalls, “and visited the station after the meeting. With his wide range of experience, Tim was able to help us set up the new unit and ensure that we could accurately monitor the metadata that forms part of the incoming NBC network feed. We went HD in time for the Winter Olympics in January, so that hands-on experience was very useful to us—Tim Carroll knows a lot about audio levels and surround sound.”

Kerr also states that the OCTiMAX 5.1 system has been “totally reliable. We have received excellent service from Lon Neumann and Enders & Associates, including new software and firmware updates; OCTiMAX just sits there and runs. What more could we ask?”

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