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M-Audio Announces NRV10 Analog Mixer/FireWire Audio Interface

M-Audio announces the NRV10 ($899.95), an 8×2 analog mixer with a built-in 10×10 24-bit/96kHz FireWire digital audio interface for Mac and Windows operating systems. It includes NRV10 interFX software, and is compatible with Pro Tools M-Powered software and most DAW software.

The NRV10 includes M-Audio’s Octane preamp technology, as well as four mono channels and two stereo channels. It allows for CPU-free monitoring, mixing and processing. Two aux buses enable routing to external processors or creating a custom headphone mix.

Input channels include 1/4-inch TRS balanced line input, phantom-powered XLR balanced microphone input (channels 1 through 5), a channel/FireWire selector, 1/4-inch inserts (channels 1 through 4), gain control, 3-band EQ (with selectable frequencies at 80 Hz, 2.5 kHz and 12kHz), monitor send, effects send, pan/balance, volume fader with peak indicator LED and mute/cue button. The unit also features two mono aux sends and two stereo aux returns. Outputs include both XLR balanced and 1/4-inch balanced main connections. Independent volume control is provided for mix, control room and headphones, and the monitoring section includes the ability to audition cues.

The unit also features 16 built-in effects, including reverbs, delays, rotary speaker, flanger, chorus, tremolo and more, plus variations, mute and peak LED.

The included NRV10 interFX software adds a compressor, expander/gate and two VST effect slots to each mixer channel, allowing users to process live instruments and mics with computer-based effects. Users can save and recall all settings.

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