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Marantz Professional Ships CDR310 CD Recorder

Marantz Professional is shipping the portable CDR310 ($1,049) professional CD recorder. The CDR310 offers one-touch recording and saves audio in both uncompressed and MP3 formats. It also has built-in mic preamps with XLR connectors and 48-volt phantom power, a built-in mic and a built-in CD burner, which can create both audio discs and data discs for transfer to a computer or for archiving purposes.

Background Record mode enables recording to remain active as an ongoing backup, even in pause mode. Recording can also remain active in Pre-Record mode for up to 10 seconds with the recorder stopped. The unit includes analog line-level and S/PDIF digital inputs and outputs, and up to four hours of battery operation using AA batteries or the optional RB1651 rechargeable battery.

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