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Metric Halo Releases Free Version 5.4 Upgrade for MIO Console Software

Metric Halo in Hopewell Junction, New York, is offering Version 5.4 of MIO Console software (Mac only) for the Mobile I/O audio interface as a free download. MIO Console software provides a virtual console that configures and controls all internal routing and DSP within Metric Halo’s family of FireWire hardware interfaces.

Version 5.4 adds support for infrared remote control, demos of Metric Halo’s +DSP upgrade and plug-ins, and smaller adjustments and improvements. It allows ULN-8 and LIO-8 users the ability to control input gains, listening levels and more using a standard IR remote control. The software/hardware has the ability to learn the remote control’s codes and store them in the interface so that the remote control works when the computer is turned off.

MIO Console V. 5.4 also allows users to demo plug-ins that run on the hardware such as the optional +DSP package, which uses the hardware’s processing power to process inputs, outputs, or any combination thereof with Metric Halo’s proprietary algorithms. In addition, users can now purchase single plug-ins without committing to the entire +DSP package. The first such offering is Metric Halo’s renowned TransientControl dynamics plug-in.

The new release includes a revised documentation set and support for hardware and software registration in the console. It promises improved stability when running multiple Core Audio clients; an improved firmware upgrade experience; support for resetting MIO hardware via software commands; enhanced undo/redo support; enhanced support of SMPTE TC (includpbr />Metric Halo states that MIO Console V. 5.4 also represents the last version that will be fully vetted for legacy hardware. Legacy users can visit Metric Halo’s Website for options.

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