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Mix Announces Certified Hits of Musikmesse/ProLight+Sound 2010

With 2,340 exhibitors in 16 convention halls at the Musikmesse/ProLight+Sound 2010 show in Frankfurt, Germany, there was a lot to see in just four days (March 24 to 27). Selecting Mix’s Certified Hits wasn’t easy, but here—listed alphabetically—are our Top-10 product picks from the show.

DiGiCo SD9 console

DiGiCo’s SD9 is a compact 32-in, 16-out (expandable to 64×32) digital live console that can simultaneously record 56 channels directly to multitrack software or DAW.

Korg’s monotron Analogue Ribbon Synth is a battery-operated, hand-sized unit featuring Korg MS-10 and MS-20 analog filters, and a ribbon controller borrowed from the Kaoss line. For more fun, any audio source can patch into the filter input. Retail? Just $85.

Korg MR-2

Korg’s MR-2 puts ultrahigh-fidelity DSD recording with a 2.8 MHz sampling rate in a pocket-sized package. The MR-2 can also record in any of the popular multi-bit formats, from MP2 and MP3 up to 24-bit/192 kHz and includes software for transferring DSD files to PCM.

Need bass? The M421 from McCauley Sound is a sub box with four 21-inch woofers. Specs include 13,000-watt handling and 156dB max SPL peaks.

Mellotron’s Digital Mellotron

Mellotron’s new Digital Mellotron is loaded with some 100 Mellotron and Chamberlin samples—all in stunning 24-bit uncompressed PCM format. Check out a video demo of Mellotron from the show.

Designed for front-fill, under-balcony and small theater systems, Meyer Sound’s low-profile Mina curvilinear array is a 1.5-foot long, 47-pound package that outputs up to 128 dB.

Version 1.5 of PreSonus’ Studio One Pro DAW software is a monumental upgrade that adds some 50 features, ranging from video sync for composing to picture to a built-in SoundCloud client for uploading audio files directly to the Web. Check out a video demo of Studio One Version 1.5 from Musikmesse.

Rockruepel Comp.One

The name may mean “rude rock” in English, but Rockruepel’s Comp.One is intended for high-end studio and mastering work. This hand-built, all-tube, variable-mu stereo/dual mono compressor was designed by Oliver Gregor and Guido Apke for ultimate sonic purity.

Steinberg’s WaveLab 7 editing/mastering suite for Windows/Mac OS X features an improved GUI for fast audio material handling, new VST3 plug-ins and restoration tools, a DVD-A burning engine and more.

Universal Audio Massive Passive plug-in

New for Universal Audio’s UAD-2 platform is the $299 Massive Passive plug-in, a virtual version of Manley Labs’ popular 2-channel, 4-band equalizer, offering radical tonal shaping, delicate vocal shading or subtle mastering enhancement. Check out a video demo from Musikmesse of the UAD-2 Massive Passive.

Musikmesse/ProLight+Sound returns to Frankfurt next year April 6 to 9, 2011.

Meanwhile, for more Musikmesse fun—including video demos from the show floor—visit

Thanks to correspondents Mike and Zach Lawson for their input and assistance.