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NAMM: SSL XLogic SuperAnalogue Mic Amp

Solid State Logic’s XLogic SuperAnalogue Mic Amp module for the scalable X-Rack system adds additional SuperAnalogue processing from SSL’s flagship XL 9000 K Series console . All circuits of the Mic Amp are directly copied from the XL 9000 K Series console and deliver the same audio performance and functionality.

The Mic Amp’s electronically balanced, ultrahigh-bandwidth mic input features variable gain from –5 dB to +75 dB and variable impedance (1.2k-ohm to 10k-ohm) to allow matching of input to different output stages. The Mic Amp also includes instrument and line inputs, as well as fully variable high- (18dB/octave) and low- (12dB/octave) pass filters with individual in/out switches.

The X-Rack is a modular rack system that incorporates SSL’s Total Recall capability. It was launched with a mono SuperAnalogue dynamics unit as its first module. With the addition of the Mic Amp and Channel EQ, which also debuted at Winter NAMM, a range of top-shelf signal processing is now available to audio production environments ranging from the desktop studio to high-end commercial recording and post-production facilities.

The X-Rack system allows up to eight modules in a 4U 19-inch rackmount enclosure complete with Total Recall capability. The modules replicate the performance and look and feel of the XL 9000 K through a vertical control layout.

The Total Recall facility offers 32 local flash memory recalls and Save/Load switches for custom setup and recall of entire settings. An external interface allows integrated connection to the AWS 900 console. A daisy-chain connection of multiple X-Rack units is also available. Total Recall data is easily saved from the X-Rack into the AWS and from there onto a DAW.

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