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Native Instruments Releases Kontakt Retro Machines

Native Instruments’ Kontakt Retro Machines ($59) is the latest addition to its Kore Soundpack range of sound libraries for Kore 2 and the free Kore Player. Based on material from the Kontakt 3 factory library, Kontakt Retro Machines offers a collection of vintage instruments that helped define electronic music genres of the past few decades.

The sounds in Kontakt Retro Machines originate from 11 analog synths, five vintage digital synthesizers and six classic drum machines, with a dedicated sample set for each of the more than 130 included KoreSounds. The sounds range from electronic music of the ’70s to the rough electro and hip-hop of the early ’80s.

Like all Kore Soundpacks, Kontakt Retro Machines uses the capabilities of Kore 2/Kore Player’s integrated instrument and effect engines. Every instrument sound offers eight distinct variations, organized into optional percussive, pad, solo/lead and arpeggiated flavors of every preset. Performance features include adjustable glide, unison, polyphonic portamento, optional pure-tuning mode, and more. All options are provided through the sound shaping and control features of the Kore platform and the integrated Kontakt engine.

Native Instruments states that it will release additional libraries during 2008.

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