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Native Instruments Kicks Off NI 360 Soft Rollout

The new NI 360 subscription service begins a limited rollout today, serving up tools from Native Instruments, iZotope and Brainworx.

The new NI 360 subscription service begins a limited rollout today, serving up tools from Native Instruments, iZotope and Brainworx.

New York, NY (May 7, 2024)—Native Instruments begins a limited soft launch of its upcoming NI 360 tiered subscription service today. Intended to replace Komplete Now, the new service will offer music production software from most of the company’s brands, including iZotope and Brainworx. The closely managed rollout will see NI 360 only offered to some users initially, as the company looks to get user feedback and make adjustments as needed before entering a full launch in late 2024.

The new service will debut with three tiers of offerings—Essentials, Plus and Pro—configured to meet different price points. Essentials, running $15 a month, will provide 50-plus plug-ins, including Ozone Elements, Guitar Rig 7 Le and other offerings. Plus, at $25 a month, will feature 100-plus plug-ins, including Ozone Standard, Guitar Rig 7 Pro and others. Meanwhile, the Pro tier, costing $50 a month, will sport 130-plus plug-ins, including Kontact 7, Ozone Advanced Premium Orchestral libraries and additional software. A rundown of which products are offered under each pricing tier can be found here.

Looking to keep current customers in mind, the company notes that while NI 360 will replace Komplete Now, current subscribers will be upgraded to NI 360’s Essentials tier, with one year at the same price they’re paying now—$9.99 a month.

As for existing perpetual licenses, the company noted in an NI 360 launch statement, “We affirm our commitment to maintaining the availability of perpetual licenses, ensuring that users can choose the purchasing option that best suits their needs. 360 is designed to complement, not replace, perpetual licenses, offering additional flexibility and access to an expanding array of tools.”

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Native Instruments says it will continue to expand the offerings of each tier over time, with updates to be put into place as it nears full launch. However, while most of its brands will be involved in NI 360, Plugin Alliance products will not be included.

Users will be able to modify, pause or cancel a subscription without losing access to previously created projects, and those projects will remain playable and exportable. During the soft launch, this aspect will not be in place for every product, but the company expects to have it available across the board for all NI 360 offerings by full launch. Another evolving aspect will be the use of NI 360 software offline, which the company expects to offer and will detail “at a later date.”

In the meantime, users who want to learn more about the emerging NI 360 service can check out a newly posted FAQ or join a waitlist to sign up.