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New Brand, iFi Studio, Debuts with Converters, Interfaces and More

iFi Studio is a new UK-based audio brand debuting with a collection of converters (D/A), interfaces, controllers and headphone amps.

The Pro iCAN Studio (top) and Pro iDSD Studio (bottom).
The iFi Studio Pro iCAN Studio (top) and Pro iDSD Studio (bottom).

United Kingdom (May 9, 2023)—iFi Studio is a new UK-based audio brand debuting with a collection of five products—converters (D/A), interfaces, controllers and headphone amps—aimed at pros.

The launch products include Pro iDSD Studio, a flagship interface and controller with high-end D/A conversion; Pro iCAN Studio, a headphone amplifier compatible with any headphone sensitivity; EN One Studio, a compact D/A converter with high-resolution file handling; ZEN CAN Studio,  a matching headphone amplifier and controller; and the Gryphon Pro Pack, a personal ‘belt-pack’ amplifier for IEMs with a built-in high-resolution D/A converter.

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A subsidiary of Abbingdon Music Research (AMR), iFi Studio is headed up by Miles Roberts, who previously was MD of PMC and before that held positions with SSL, Euphonix and Studer.

Launching iFi Studio, Roberts noted, “Our experience within the audio research and development sector has enabled us to develop a range of products that will bring the very best audio quality to professional users. Whether it is in the most advanced and world-leading studio, in a home or portable studio setup, or on the road in a live situation, we have a product that will enable the users to experience exceptional performance when recording, mixing, mastering or playing live.”

iFi Studio is distributed by American Music & Sound in the U.S.